Christmas Short Story Review: Kind by Kellyn Roth

The weekend before Christmas needed something another Christmas-themed short story review! This one isn't very long, so it won't take you away from any last-minute preparations or early celebrations for long. About the Book Title: Kind Author: Kellyn Roth Genre: Historical Fiction - WW2; Christmas Synopsis: Lt. Neil Hudson is sure to have a... Continue Reading →

Christmas Novella Review: Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero

Well, this is awkward. If you came to this post when it first went up, you saw there was no introduction or conclusion! Apparently when I wrote this review and scheduled it to post (about a week ago), I intended to come back and finish up those pieces, but I forgot to set a reminder!... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Means that Make Us Strangers by Christine Kindberg

Today's review covers a book I am very excited to share: The Means That Make Us Strangers by Christine Kindberg! This is an excellent book, and I can't wait to see others reading it so I can talk about it more in-depth. For now, here's my review. Title: The Means That Make Us Strangers Author: Christine Kindberg Genre: YA recent... Continue Reading →

March TBR Goals

Hey y'all! Instead of a post outlining all of my goals for the month, today I'm posting just about the books I plan/hope to read this month. Of course, I still have goals and expectations for myself when it comes to keeping a consistent blogging schedule, writing reviews, and other things going on in life.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Samuel’s Journey by Emma Trusty

Happy Friday! This week inadvertently became something of a Children's Lit Week here at Reviews From the Stacks. ICYMI, on Tuesday I highlighted a new picture book release: Snowball and the Missing Apple (see Tuesday's post for all the info). Today I'm reviewing another children's book: Samuel's Journey: Choices and Changes by Emma Trusty. Personally, I think it is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Far Away and Further Back by Patrick Burns

Happy Friday readers! Welcome to February, a month of fluffly pink and red hearts, commercials for overpriced jewelry, and cute little stuffed animals showing up everywhere. It is also overwhelmingly birthday-filled for my family, so we have plenty of reasons to celebrate all month long! Today I am reviewing a historical memoir. I don't think... Continue Reading →

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