New Release Spotlight: Aggressively Happy by Joy Marie Clarkson

One of my favorite podcasts is Joy Clarkson's Speaking with Joy. She talks about books, theology, history, and lifestyle in a way that always draws me in. This podcast is where I first heard about one of my favorite books of last year, Piranesi. It does require some concentration though, so I have not kept up terribly well since last summer's book club read-along ended. However, Joy released a book last week, and I am very excited to read anything she publishes!

New Release Spotlight: The Department of Rare Books & Special Collections

I think I am more excited about this release than I ever have been before about an author by whom I haven't read anything else!

New Release Spotlight: At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth

This is a special edition Saturday post celebrating the release of Kellyn Roth's latest book, At Her Fingertips! As a side note, I am not part of the official blog tour/release team - just supporting an indie author and sharing about a book I'm excited for!

Book Spotlight: Gain Save Give by Peter Dixon

Happy Friday! Today I am spotlighting a new nonfiction book that I am looking forward to reading. As a young adult still in the early stages of my career, finding a financial balance is an ongoing process. If you're like me and don't have all the answers for determining an overarching financial management plan or theory, then this might be the perfect book for you! I haven't yet had a chance to read it, but I am looking forward to it very much.

New Release Spotlight: The Good Witch of the South by T.C. Bartlett

Posting three days in a row...what is this, December?! Absolutely! With the school semester done, I'm gearing up for the 12 Days of Christmas linkup and have a ton of exciting content planned for this month. Which, yes, means posts three days in a row this week, and lots more seasonal and bookish fun to come!

Happy Release Day to A Very Bookish Thanksgiving!

Another book that I am very excited for releases today! This is a limited edition novella collection, and I cannot wait to read the stories! I might have to wait a few weeks until school responsibilities let up enough to have time to read for pleasure, though. Join me in celebrating!

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