Trick or Treat 2019 pt 2 – Mini Short Story Review: Enjoy the Poodle Skirt by Kate Willis

Happy October 31st, Readers! Whether to you that means Halloween, Reformation Day, or something else completely, I hope you have a fun day! The short story I'm reviewing today is such a treat. It's sweet, mysterious, and full of fun! About the Book Title: Enjoy the Poodle Skirt Author: Kate Willis Genre: Contemporary Short Story Mystery... Continue Reading →

Monday Mini Mystery #6

Good morning! It is time for week six of Monday Mini Mysteries! This is the last short story mystery I will be posting in this series, and I hope to leave you going "hmmm..." at the end of this one. It is inspired by two sentences: "In a bookshop, she sees a book with her... Continue Reading →

Monday Mini Mystery #5

It's Monday again, and that means it's time for another Monday Mini Mystery! I didn't use a single prompt as a jumping-off point for this story. Instead, it is inspired by: the prevalence of all things Anne of Green Gables, this list of mythological creatures, and a Spotify playlist titled "Chilled Classical" (this playlist really is... Continue Reading →

Book Review (with some rambling at the end): Shadows of Time by Ann Nolder Heinz

Synopsis: Madeline (Maddie) Blake is not like other PIs. She has a unique gift, the ability under certain circumstances to bridge time and relive events that have already happened. When a heartbroken mother calls from Seattle and begs for her help in locating her missing daughter, Maddie cannot refuse. Yet it soon becomes apparent that someone will go... Continue Reading →

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