Yarn Along {4.1.2020}

Y'all I am so excited about this month's Yarn Along! In the midst of all the crazy and sometimes terrible things going on, I am doing so much making. The additional time I'm spending at home is conducive to finishing all of the crafting projects I've previously started and then set aside. It feels so good... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up {2020}

March has been anything but normal this year. I never would have guessed, 30 days ago, that my library would be closed today and not planning to re-open for at least a few more weeks. I couldn't have guessed that COVID-19 would have such an impact on the entire country.  As a silver lining, I... Continue Reading →

It Is Well With My Soul // Some Rambling + A Playlist {2020 Encouragement Post #4}

Good morning, Readers! The world is still spinning, despite the "pandemic panic." Sunday brought a new level of weird to my corner of the world: I attended church from my kitchen, with my laptop set up for the church's first ever live-streamed service. On the one hand, I enjoyed being able to drink coffee while... Continue Reading →

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