The Largest Used Book Sale West of the Mississippi

Every year at the end of February my library hosts a massive system-wide book sale at the state fair grounds, and this year I want to take you along with me and show what books I picked up!

Thursday Encouragement 23.2 & A Mini Ramble // Affirming the Faith Seminar 2023

Thursday Encouragement posts share verses and hymns as a means of encouragement, because it seems we can all use it (including me). My hope is for this to be uplifting and to fill my blog with truth, hope, and beauty.

Wrapping Up February 2023

February has been such an exciting and wonderful month off the page, that I hardly had time to keep up with reading and blogging! I should probably feel a little bad about that...but I don't. This was a month of transition as winter began to fade and spring roared in, as well as a time... Continue Reading →

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