Double Sign-Up Post: 20 Books of Summer & Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenges

Short-term reading challenges are a wonderful tool for helping readers stay on track with reading goals, tackle difficult books, and just have fun. With that in mind, I am taking on three reading challenges this summer. Two of these challenges are hosted by other book bloggers I follow, and the third is my local library's... Continue Reading →

Coffee Chat {1.21.2020}

Many writers (and readers, for that matter) can be divided into one of two camps: coffee people, or tea people. While I do not universally┬ádislike tea, I definitely align myself with the first group. Luckily, there are several places close by to satiate my coffee cravings, despite the fact that I don't live in a... Continue Reading →

LMA Reading Challenge 2019 Wrap Up

To say that June did not end how I hoped and planned for it to here on Reviews From the Stacks would be an understatement. I will make a wrap-up post for the entire month soon, but today I am wrapping up the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge 2019. The Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge... Continue Reading →

Spell the Month in Books: June ’19

Today's post is short and fun (the best kind for summer, in my opinion). It's time for my (semi?)-monthly spell-the-month bookstack! This month's featured books make quite the eclectic stack! Despite being one of the shorter month names, we've definitely got a wide range of genres represented. Here are the books I chose:   J... Continue Reading →

LMA Reading Challenge Check-In, Week 2

Happy Friday, Readers! Like most weeks, this one had both its ups and its downs. There was the day someone returned books infested with roaches to the library (#nope). There was also the day a customer who has the same first name as me brought in a page of information about our name's meaning, which... Continue Reading →

LMA Reading Challenge Check-In, Week 1

We're only a few days into the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge hosted by Tarissa at In the Bookcase, and there is still time to join if you're interested! To participate, just make a list of books by or about Alcott that you would like to read, and read them! If you have a blog,... Continue Reading →

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