The Selena Gomez Book Tag

How about something different this Monday? I was tagged by Books with Brogan back in February to do the Selena Gomez book tag. I'll admit I'm not a huge Selena Gomez fan, but this tag looks like fun! The Rules Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog - Thanks,... Continue Reading →

10 Favorite Books of 2020

What are my favorite books read in 2020? While on the surface it could be difficult to pick anything good or favorite from 2020, there definitely were some good books that came across my desk. Here's a look at my Top Ten.

Some Thoughts (Not Quite a Review) on Out of the Blue, ed. by Helen Mitsios

I read Out of the Blue: New Short Fiction From Iceland in May 2020. It's been sitting in the back of my mind ever since; my brain is not quite sure what to make of it. This is not a proper review, like I usually write, but a brief explanation of the main take-aways I got... Continue Reading →

Tackling the TBR #13

Happy Monday, Readers! The first week (and weekend) of school went well overall for me last week. It made for an odd schedule, but it worked. This week my schedule is a little more normal since I will not have class over the weekend. So far the actual content has been pretty basic, which I... Continue Reading →

What Cats Do {Book Tag}

I found this incredibly fun and unique tag over at The Comfy Reader and it was originally created by MeltingPotsAndOtherCalamaties. I wasn't tagged but I love everything about this tag so I am jumping in on it! Purr: As cats do when they're happy or relaxed, what is the book that makes you happiest or... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Dog on the Acropolis by Mark Tedescoe

Happy Friday! This week absolutely flew by for me. I've been working on a project for the Staff Association I'm a part of, and it has taken a lot of time and energy! The end of this project is in sight, so hopefully things will calm down a bit soon. I'm driving all over the... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight (New Book Alert!): Dead Man Dreaming by Uday Mukerji

Hello Readers! Thanks for stopping by in the middle of the week (or later. Either way, I'm glad you're here). Today I get to talk about an unique new book, set to release in just two weeks on September 25th! I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds promising. I can't wait to share... Continue Reading →

J.U.L.Y. Bookstack

Hi y'all! It's the last day of July, and summer shows no signs of leaving anytime soon here in Oklahoma. But that is "normal," so I won't complain. At least, I won't complain as long as the air conditioning keeps working! Today I am sharing July's #SpellTheMonthInBooks post. It's a completely digital version this month,... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday 3/13/2019

Welcome to another WWW Wednesday! The past few weeks have been very happily book-filled, so I have a lot to talk about today. Let's get into it! For those who may not know: WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme currently hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. The three W’s stand for the... Continue Reading →

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