Tackling the TBR #13

Happy Monday, Readers! The first week (and weekend) of school went well overall for me last week. It made for an odd schedule, but it worked. This week my schedule is a little more normal since I will not have class over the weekend. So far the actual content has been pretty basic, which I... Continue Reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things // Summer 2020

Before you call me out, I know that technically summer isn't over until late September. But, with school starting for me today (yay!) and the Summer Reading program formally over at the library, my mindset in definitely turning toward fall. I actually listened to a Christmas playlist a few days ago, because that season feels... Continue Reading →

Double Sign-Up Post: 20 Books of Summer & Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenges

Short-term reading challenges are a wonderful tool for helping readers stay on track with reading goals, tackle difficult books, and just have fun. With that in mind, I am taking on three reading challenges this summer. Two of these challenges are hosted by other book bloggers I follow, and the third is my local library's... Continue Reading →

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