Library Loot // May 19, 2021

Within a week of the end of my Spring semester I had nearly an unreasonable amount of materials checked out from the library. A large portion, however, were cookbooks or gardening books which I flipped through and soon returned (or at least set in a pile to return a few at a time, so as... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up February 2021

What a wild month February has been! For me, most of it was spent at home, staying warm and watching the snow. A few good books came my way, too. Read on for the details!

Library Loot // February 10, 2021

Good morning, Reader! Is it cold where you are today? The high today is supposed to be 22F but feel like 9F, which is definitely NOT normal for Oklahoma! I can't honestly say I'm looking forward to running books curbside in this, but at the same time, I am glad that we are open. We... Continue Reading →

You Mean You Don’t Just Read All Day? Or, What it Takes to Become a Librarian // Semester 2 Overview

Hello, Reader! There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding what it means to be a librarian and what is required to get a library science degree. Even within the bookish community, it can be easy to assume that what you see is all there is when actually there is a lot more work, study, and... Continue Reading →

Winter Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2021!

It's one thing to set goals about reading, to say "I want to read more" or "this year I will read X number of books." It's another to know where to start and actually achieve your reading goals. My library knows that it can be overwhelming to look at or even just think about all of the books out there, and not know which to choose to read. They also wanted to encourage adults to read more, but to do it in a fun way. From this context the Winter Book Bingo Reading Challenge was born!

Nonfiction November Week 4: Top 7 New to My TBR

Joining in for another round of Nonfiction November! This week is hosted by Doing Dewey, and the theme is "New to My TBR." Because my virtual TBR list grows much more quickly than my physical TBR stack, I'm going to share a few of the nonfiction books I have recently added on Goodreads. Unless otherwise noted, I don't own copies of these, they just look like titles I would like to read!

A Few of My Favorite Things // Summer 2020

Before you call me out, I know that technically summer isn't over until late September. But, with school starting for me today (yay!) and the Summer Reading program formally over at the library, my mindset in definitely turning toward fall. I actually listened to a Christmas playlist a few days ago, because that season feels... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up: July 2020

July is officially over, and I hope that the extreme Summer heat will soon follow suit. I know we probably still have another month of 90 and 100° heat, but I am dreaming of the coming days when I will be able to comfortably eat lunch in my car with the windows down, and drive... Continue Reading →

I Completed My 2020 Goodreads Goal!

On Saturday, July 25, I achieved my goal of reading 60 books in 2020!! I am so glad that I got this finished before school starts next month (somehow orientation being this Saturday seems both way too soon and not soon enough!). I wanted to have a little fun to celebrate, so I'm doing the... Continue Reading →

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