February 2022 TBR & Goals

After two months of avoiding setting specific reading goals, I'm picking back up in February and sharing what I expect/hope to read and do this month.

October TBR & Goals 2021

Oh October, I have such mixed feelings about you! We're nearing the halfway point for the semester (at least at my university), and I have to say that so far this is shaping up to be the most challenging semester so far regarding scheduling. One class (the one I sometimes refer to as "the straightforward... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up September 2021

Is it really already the end of September? (I know, I'm turning into one of those bloggers - sorry!) The beginning of the month, and the books I read then, feel so far away. I looked at the title of the first book and thought "was that really this month?" It may have only been... Continue Reading →

September TBR & Goals 2021

Usually when I write monthly TBR & goals posts, I feel like I'm overflowing with things to do and looking forward to accomplishing so much in the month! This time, I'm a little hung up on how much I will have to read for my children's literature class. I know they're all children's books and... Continue Reading →

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