Book Review: Faithful in Love by Cecily K. Wolfe

Happy Friday! Today's review is by one of my favorite indie historical fiction authors. This story is sweet and heartwarming, but has a bit of grit to it, too. The characters, setting, and themes are so well done that they are almost tangible. You're going to want to add this one to your reading list for when life has you down, injustice seems rampant, and you just need something safe and cheerful to read.

Book Review: Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

Happy Friday! Today's review is another fairly impressive middle-grade book that I read toward the end of 2019. Song for a Whale features a deaf protagonist, a boatload of science, and, of course, a whale. About the Book Title: Song for a Whale Author: Lynne Kelly Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fiction Publication Date: February 5, 2019 Synopsis:... Continue Reading →

Final Christmas Book Review of the Season: Featuring Sincerely, Jem by Kate Willis

Happy Monday! I'm switching things up a little this week and starting with a review that I am very excited to write! I first heard about today's book a few months ago, when it was announced that it would be available in a limited-time Christmas anthology. I really wanted to read this anthology, but I... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up {December 2019}

Welcome to the last monthly wrap-up of 2019! This has been quite a year. Even December has been very full, so rather than simply including this month's books in some of my end-of-the-year posts, they deserve their own post. I set some ambitious goals this month, and I am proud of how things worked out!... Continue Reading →

Christmas Novella Review: Season of Love by Vivi Holt

Welcome to my final Christmas novella review before Christmas 2019! This one is a historical fiction story. It's actually part of a series, but I have not read any of the other books in the series. I don't entirely remember how I even came to own this ebook, but however it happened, I am glad... Continue Reading →

First Line Friday {12.6.2019} Featuring Where Treetops Glisten by Goyer, Putman, & Sundin

I am over the river and through the woods excited about the posts I get to do this month! The book I am featuring today, Where Treetops Glisten, is without doubt one of the most enjoyable books I read this year. I'll be reviewing it later this month, but it is so good that I also... Continue Reading →

New Release Spotlight & Review: Wedding Score by Amanda Tero

Author Amanda Tero is releasing a new novella this month! I received a complimentary copy of Wedding Score for participating in the cover reveal on Instagram. I am so excited to share this book. Its unique message is timely, and something that I think a lot of young people will benefit from reading. About the Book... Continue Reading →

April Wrap-Up

Hey y'all! April has been quite the month for me. I have probably mentioned this enough times that you are all tired of hearing about it, but I started a new job this month, and it has taken up most of my time. However, I now get home from work at a reasonable time of... Continue Reading →

Four Fabulous Features of Fall + Favorite Fall Reads + Flashback Friday

You may have noticed that I appreciate alliteration a lot. So, I'm slightly sorry if the title of this post twisted your tongue a tad...but I think it's great. Usually, Fridays are review days, but I'm changing things up this week: I posted a review on Wednesday (of an amazing, clean, historical fiction romance that... Continue Reading →

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