Book Review: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Today's review is a little different from most. Since this book is something of a modern classic, there is already an ongoing conversation about it in critical circles. Properly engaging with this dialogue is beyond the scope of this blog post. To a large degree, rather than a review, this is a comparison of the... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Strength by Lauren Salisbury

Hello Readers! Despite how rocky June was, I am determined to get back on track with scheduled posting in July. I cannot promise to be entirely consistent this month, but I do have several things that I want to write about, so I am doing my best. Today's review is the third book in Lauren... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Samuel’s Journey by Emma Trusty

Happy Friday! This week inadvertently became something of a Children's Lit Week here at Reviews From the Stacks. ICYMI, on Tuesday I highlighted a new picture book release: Snowball and the Missing Apple (see Tuesday's post for all the info). Today I'm reviewing another children's book: Samuel's Journey: Choices and Changes by Emma Trusty. Personally, I think it is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crown of Beauty by Cecily Wolfe (Cliff Walk Courtships #2)

Happy Friday y'all! Today I get to share with you a review of another fun historical romance! This is the second book in the Cliff Walk Courtships trilogy (find my review of book one here!), which I am really enjoying. Title: Crown of Beauty (Cliff Walk Courtships #2) Author: Cecily Wolfe Genre: Historical Fiction (18th c), Christian... Continue Reading →

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