3 Reasons You Should DNF The Book You’re Reading

The past few weeks of my life have been hectic, to say the least. Not bad-hectic, just full and busy. I have been trying very hard to handle transitioning to a full-time job in the healthiest manner possible, including eight hours of sleep per night and plenty of protein-filled snacks during the day, but apparently... Continue Reading →



Hello Readers! It's finally May, are you excited? May always seems to be somewhat bittersweet; it's a time of transitions, endings and beginnings and in-betweens. If you're in school, there is an obvious correlation for each of these are the semester ends (at least here in the USA) and summer break begins. Now that I... Continue Reading →

March Recap

Hey y'all! I hope your week is going well, and that you survived April 1st with only good-natured foolery. Spring is officially here now, although you might not know it by the weather here in Oklahoma the past few days! My new theory is that if it is too cold for the tomato plants to... Continue Reading →

TBR Alphabet Tag

Hey y'all! I'm doing a tag today: this time it's the TBR Alphabet Tag! I was tagged by Audra of Audra's Book Blabbing for this tag. Thanks so much, Audra! Here's how the TBR Alphabet Tag works: This tag was created by Lily Anna Writes. Check out her original post here: Tag. Rules: Name a book title... Continue Reading →

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