When Beauty Blooms: Blog Tour, Book Review, and Giveaway!

Today's post includes my review of the book (as per usual), but also a links to a fun giveaway and some other bookish blogs taking part in the tour, so be sure to read to the end and check them out as well!

Celestia by J. D. Evergreen

One man leads an army towards the capitol, destined to claim the throne as his own by any means necessary, including using harmful dark magic. Few are able to avoid the effects of this man's rampage, but among the lucky few are Taliah, Kent, and Chloe, who have their own destiny to fulfill.

Nonfiction Review: Beyond Religion: 400 Kingdom Perspectives by W. A. Vega

W. A. Vega poses 400 "What if" questions relating to the Bible, God, and how an individual's belief in Him and interpretation of His word intersects everyday life. These questions lead the reader to introspection and not only studying the Bible, but also to make up their own mind about what it means. 

Courage by Lauren H. Salisbury

Can one woman evade an alien empire to save her son's life? Courage by Lauren H Salisbury is an impressive blend of creativity and research.

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