Summer Reading Challenges Check-In

I love the Annie Moses Band. Their music is just phenomenal! They're most well-known for their Christmas music, but I love their other music as well. As we're nearly halfway through Summer, this seemed an ideal time to share this song with y'all! For the same reason, it's time for me to check in on... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day, America!

I have a lot of feelings and thoughts about the way my country is run and the current state of our society. Many of them are positive, but not all. There is certainly room for improvement, which I believe could realistically happen if more people were inclined to regular times of reflection and deep (especially... Continue Reading →

A Musical Merry Monday Mini

Happy Monday! Every season has its music: regardless of the genre you prefer, there tend to be certain songs that just belong in specific seasons. Some songs evoke warm summer nights, days at the beach, or weekends doing yard work, while others inspire thoughts of evenings by a fireplace sipping hot cocoa. Writers especially know... Continue Reading →

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