The Worst Way to End a Series – A Rant Review of MILA 2.0 (Spoilers!)

This review contains major spoilers for the MILA 2.0 trilogy, especially the last book,┬áRedemption.┬áToday's post also mentions suicide (as does the book). This is not like most of the reviews that I write, and it is not at all balanced. It's rare that I want to truly warn people away from a book; even when... Continue Reading →

Christmas Book Review: Borrowing Amor by Kat Bellemore

We are so close to Christmas that I can almost taste it! I'm making a (not so) sweet potato casserole to take to an extended family celebration, and this will be the first time I have made something for this. It's also the first time I will be included in the "grown up" category for... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Three Days Till Dawn (Antiquity’s Gate #1) by R. F. Hurteau

Happy Friday, Readers! I hope your first full week of October went well, and that you are enjoying some (at least slightly) cooler weather. The A/C is out at my library again, but we're managing much better this time around since it's not 100 degrees outside anymore. Mostly, I'm thriving on sugar free pumpkin and... Continue Reading →

June TBR/Goals

Hello! I hope all is going well for everyone. June is shaping up to be a busy month. Apparently, working a single job does not mean life is any less busy, the busyness just comes from fewer sources! Summer Reading officially kicked off was Saturday (June 1st), and I love the energy that comes with... Continue Reading →

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