Week of Thanks Day 1

Today I want to start a short Thanksgiving blog series. Each post this week will talk about something I am thankful for and include a Bible verse to meditate on for the day, plus either a song or book recommendation and a recipe.

Things I’m Loving This Season

I can't remember the last time I wrote a "Things I'm Loving" post (beside the Five Fall Favorites posts, which don't quite count since they were so narrowly focused), so we're well due for one. Here's a glimpse of some of the random things I'm currently enjoying!

Fall Blog Party Invite!

Just a note to tell you about the upcoming 5 Fall Favorites blog party! This is my favorite annual blog event, and this year will be my first time participating as a room host. The event runs October 3-8 with themed book recommendations and fun posts each day. There is also a giveaway, and some... Continue Reading →

Jana Rambles 22.6 // On Running, Endurance, and Hope

Today's post was born one recent morning when I had just finished a run while listening to the Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast. The episode was from January 11, 2021 and titled "Character Produces Hope (Romans 5:4)". Although I have run more this season than in the recent past, and despite the fact that I... Continue Reading →

Jana Rambles 22.4 // The One About Summer in the Parks

The time I spent outside this summer, despite the incredible heat, was so enjoyable. This is a park/nature/God appreciation post.

Jana Rambles 22.2 – Post-Grad Life Update

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a decent week, Reader, even as it's contained tragedy on several fronts. I don't have the words to address all of the grievous things that have occurred this week, but to carry on as if nothing has happened seems irresponsible and disrespectful. May this brief acknowledgement serve as a... Continue Reading →

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