6 Degrees of Separation 23.1

The gist is that everyone starts with the same book, then finds another book that relates to it somehow, then one that relates to the second, until you’ve got a chain of six additional books.

Thursday Encouragement 22.7

I’ve started sharing verses and hymns on Thursdays, as a means of encouragement because I think we can all use it (including me). My hope is for this to be uplifting and to fill my blog with truth, hope, and beauty. Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for... Continue Reading →

Let Us Find Our Rest In Thee // What is “Advent” anyway?

I realized recently that I've been approaching this season and these posts with the assumption that those who I'm talking/writing to already know most of what I know. Today's post seeks to lay a foundation of my understanding of Advent, both within its original historical context and how it is recognized today.

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