Monday Mini: My Favorite Things of Summer

Hello, Readers! A note before we get into the meat of todays post: This post is not 100% bookish. Feel free to gasp, clutch your hands together, and whisper "the horror!" dramatically. Okay, melodrama done? Read on, and I think you'll like what I have in mind. Today I want to focus on building community... Continue Reading →


Yarn Along {April 2019 Edition} – A Monday Mini Tangent

Hey y'all! Today's post is like nothing I have posted before, but I think it is relevant enough that you will still enjoy it. Today I am taking part in a linkup that is not entirely book related, but not entirely unrelated, either. It's called Yarn Along, and you can read more about it on... Continue Reading →

Monday Mini 3/11/2019

Happy Monday!  Today's Monday Mini asks you to look at reading with a slightly different lens from what I expect to be most people's default. Often, we look at reading as a way to escape the world, and there is nothing wrong with that! However, there can be caustic effects from our go-away-I'm-reading attitude. It... Continue Reading →

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