New Release Spotlight: This Life of Mine by Victoria Lynn

It’s the beginning of spring, and today a new book blooms into the world! The second book of Victoria Lynn’s series The Chronicles of Elira releases today, and I am thrilled to share about it. Also, the author is hosting a blog tour with a giveaway here – be sure to check it out!

About the Book

Title: This Life of Mine (Chronicles of Elira #2)

Author: Victoria Lynn

Genre: (non-magical) Light Fantasy

Synopsis: Marcus is tired of losing those he loves. The last shred of his childhood has been uprooted and he feels alone… again. When the ruler’s new policies take effect, the anger of the Rusalkan mountain king is unleashed upon the borderlands. With refugees streaming into Elira by the hundreds, the stories from the wall are horrific.

Marcus joins a convoy to lend his medical skills to those in need at the Eliran border. What he finds there is about to change his life forever.

Dilara’s life as a slave in Rusalka was anything but idealistic. Consumed by a system that was designed to use, abuse, and discard the likes of her, she has been taken through the very depths. Carrying a traumatic secret and wounded in her frenzied escape, she finds herself with an unlikely protector and an even more confusing relationship. Can she traverse the waters of this new life and make it her own? And can Marcus overcome his own deformities to find the one missing piece? Or will his life forever be marked by suffering and sacrifice?

Book 1: Once I Knew ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Other Books By This Author Featured Here: When Beauty Blooms ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available for Purchase: Author’s website | Amazon

I cannot wait to read This Life of Mine! It’s rare that I find a fantasy book that I enjoy, much less a series. However, much of Once I Knew reads more like historical fiction than fantasy, and I enjoyed it very much. I hope high hopes that This Life of Mine will be the same in that aspect!

Happy release day!

Until the next chapter,


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