New Release Spotlight: One Jump At A Time by Nathan Chen

Happy Release Day to Olympic skater Nathan Chen’s book!

About the Book

Title: One Jump at a Time: My Story

Author: Nathan Chen

Genre: Nonfiction – Memoir

Synopsis: When three-year-old Nathan Chen tried on his first pair of figure skates, magic happened. But the odds of this young boy–one of five children born to Chinese immigrants–competing and making it into the top echelons of figure skating were daunting. Chen’s family didn’t have the resources or access to pay for expensive coaches, rink time, and equipment. But Nathan’s mother, Hetty Wang, refused to fail her child. Recognizing his tremendous talent and passion, she stepped up as his coach, making enormous sacrifices to give Nathan the opportunity to compete in this exclusive world.

That dedication eventually paid off at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, where Chen–reverently known as the Quad King–won gold, becoming the first Asian-American man to stand at the highest podium in figure skating. In this moving and inspiring memoir Chen opens up for the first time, chronicling everything it took to pursue his dreams. Bolstered by his unwavering passion and his family’s unconditional support, Chen reveals the most difficult times he endured, and how he overcame each obstacle-from his disappointment at the 2018 Olympic Games, to competing during a global pandemic, to the extreme physical and mental toll the sport demands.

Pulling back the curtain on the figure skating world and the Olympics, Chen reveals what it was really like at the Beijing Games and competing on the US team in the same city his parents had left–and his grandmother still lived. Poignant and unfiltered, told in his own words, One Jump at a Time is the story of one extraordinary young man–and a testament to the love of a family and the power of persistence, grit, and passion.

About the Author

Figure skating is the one sport that I regularly follow, so biographies and memoirs about famous skaters always grab my attention. So, while I have followed Nathan’s career for the last several seasons, I look forward to reading about it from his own perspective.

Do you follow any sports or athletes? If so, do you also enjoy reading about them, or just watching/participating in them?

Until the next chapter,


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