Things I’m Loving This Season

Although October held the 5 Fall Favorites blog party, it’s been a while since I did a general Favorite Things post. I like to do these at least once a season, when it fits my blog schedule, as a positive way to mark the changing seasons. Some seasons are more difficult than others; sometimes there are a ton of things that I want to share with you which may not be entirely bookish but which have brought value and joy to my life, while at other times it can be a challenge to think of even a few. Still, I think it’s good and helpful to spend time thinking and talking about the good things in life – even when they don’t 100% fit the theme of my blog! So, for a bit of a change of pace, today I’m sharing some of the random things I’m loving this season. This post includes recipes, links to posts on other blogs that I’ve enjoyed, and other things that are entirely random that I’ve enjoyed.

New-to-Me Recipes:

Posts on Other Blogs:

Research Rabbit Holes:

  • History of All Saint’s day and how it has become connected to Halloween and Samhain
  • Life of Elisabeth Elliot
  • Juvenile Book Character Costumes
  • Things besides libraries funded by Andrew Carnegie (did you know he also helped build post offices?)

Other Random Happy Things:

  • Dunkin’s Peanut Butter Cup coffee. It’s way too sweet for me to have more than once, but it was worth it that once!
  • Playing the violin for the first time in years – I’m terrible at it, but it’s fun. My neighbors might disagree, but I haven’t heard any complaints yet, and I try to be conscientious about when I practice (usually while my dishwasher is running 😂).
  • Cooler weather means I can get out some of my scarves and boots!
  • Libraries using James Patterson books to make trendy TikTok videos (look, I don’t endorse much of TikTok, but Library TikTok is pretty entertaining)

What are some of your favorite things about this season?

Until the next chapter,


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