New Release Spotlight: On Our Knees by Phil Wickham

Spotlighting another new nonfiction book today that I am excited to read! Like Matthew West, Phil Wickham is a musician whose work I greatly enjoy. It’s only been over the past few years that I became familiar with him, but now several of his songs are on my playlists. I’m interested to see if his written word is as good!

About the Book

Title: On Our Knees: 40 days to Living Boldly in Prayer

Author: Phil Wickham

Genre: Nonfiction

Synopsis: On Our Knees will help you rediscover the joy, power, and intimacy of prayer through a forty-day devotional that illuminates the power of being with God—inspired by Dove Award-winning worship music artist Phil Wickham’s hit song, Battle Belongs.

Phil Wickham’s On Our Knees: 40 Days to Living Boldly in Prayer explores biblical stories from Genesis to Revelation to teach about prayer from the heroes of our faith, including Moses, King David, and many more. How did these heroes of the faith pray? How did Jesus instruct us to pray? Each entry in On Our Knees helps readers establish their own daily prayer routines, ultimately encouraging the lifelong practice of prayer as a means of connecting with and better understanding God. The devotional includes a suggested passage of Scripture and Phil’s reflections on the reading, daily prayer, and a practice to encourage spiritual growth, and a set of reflection questions to help the reader go deeper in his or her prayer journey.

Just for fun, here are a few of my favorite songs by Phil Wickham:

Until the next chapter,


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