Considering September 2022 // Goals & Bookish Things I’m Looking Forward To

Happy Thursday! I seem to have a good bit of momentum going with blogging this week, so I decided to go ahead and put this up today even though it’s not a day of the week that I usually post.

September Goals

  • Post here at least 3x a week, including at least 2 reviews
  • Help with creating quizzes for the children’s Bible study program at church
  • Read 5 books
  • Find some soup recipes to try when it gets cooler
  • Start making plans for Christmas gifting. If I’m going to knit things for multiple people, I probably should have already started! I think there is still time though.
  • Keep enjoying time outside when possible

As a reminder, you can check out the second half of this post to see what books are on my seasonal TBR list. I also plan to make an infographic with the book covers and add it to my sidebar.

Other Things to Look Forward To on the Blog:

  • A space-themed Spell the Month in Books linkup on the 10th
  • Celebrating several new book releases, including two by musicians I am a fan of
  • A discussion post about Meg March and the how the way she is viewed has changed over time
  • Weekly Tackling the TBR posts

Hopefully you aren’t tired of hearing this, but now that I am completely done with grad school I am excited to spend more time reading and blogging again! For the first time in, well, a good while at least, I have posts drafted for the rest of the month and a rough plan for the rest of the season. Of course, all my plans are flexible and I’m trying not to hold anything too tightly, but it feels good to have new things in the works. Maybe this will carry over to my actual reading as well.

Do you have anything coming up this month that you are excited about? Any planned blog posts, new book releases you are especially looking forward to, or something else you would like to talk about?

Until the next chapter,


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