Jana Rambles 22.5 // Fall Thoughts & TBR

On Wednesday, August 10th, Dunkin announced that its Pumpkin Spice flavored drinks would be available starting the following week. That’s enough to get me into an autumnal mindset!

This summer has been hotter than many in recent memory for much of the world. Even before Dunkin made its PSL-PSA, several of my friends and acquaintances had already started talking about how much they couldn’t wait for fall to come. Despite the high temperatures (at or over 100F for most of June and July), I’ve personally been a bit slower to shift my focus to fall. For me, this summer brought an unexpected and incredibly refreshing change of pace as I decided to join the church I started attending last winter, and I’m a little sad to see the newness start to wear off as the season comes to an end. Evening volleyball and frisbee games, spontaneous dinners out (at only the highest-quality fast food places 😂), and countless conversations about anything and everything have created a cadence of comradery that is deeper than I ever expected. However, as much as I would love to stay in this season forever, I know that it is time for something new. The promise of pumpkin spice is just the thing to ease this transition.

Autumn has traditionally been the strongest time of year for my blog. My theory is that, as people shift to spending more time indoors, they naturally tend to remember the books, movies, and other media that has crossed their path recently but which they put off engaging with in favor of outdoor activities. Also, with school restarting, it is a natural time of year to think about books – the ones you enjoyed in the past as well as those that intrigue you today. Regardless of the reason, I’m leaning into this and trying to shore up the structure of this blog a bit. To be completely honest, the quality, originality, and consistency of my posts has fallen from my own standards while I have been in grad school, and I am eager to raise it back up. Along the way I am going to try a few new things, starting with the second half of today’s post.

I want to try making a seasonal TBR list, and I’m not sure if it will be in addition to continued monthly TBR lists, or if it will replace them entirely. I can’t remember the last time I actually stuck to a monthly TBR list. Grad school and a frequently changing schedule has made me more of a mood reader than I used to be. Perhaps, with a bit of forethought, I can set a flexible TBR list for a season which I’ll be excited to stick somewhat closer to. It will be longer, giving me more options while reminding me of both the books I have recently thought of picking up and some older ones that I have long hoped to come back to. Thus, instead of representing only the reading mood I am in on the day the post is written, the TBR list will cover a range of moods and preferences. Plus, I like the idea of staying with something for a longer stretch than thirty days.

Even though fall does not officially start for a few more weeks, I’m ready to kick it off here on the blog. Does the exact day really matter in a virtual environment, where the atmosphere is set by words and the weather is metaphorical?

Fall 2022 Flexible TBR List

Carryovers From Summer

These are books that either were on my 10 Books of Summer list (which was unfortunately almost entirely abandoned by the third week of June) or that I have recently started reading and want to finish up. It does not include long-term Bible study books.




  • The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury Fiction, Short Story Collection
  • First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen Contemporary Fiction, Magical Realism (reread)
  • Dust by Kara Swanson YA retelling of Peter Pan
  • The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson YA Contemporary Fiction
  • Fawkes by Nadine Brandes YA Historical Fantasy

Lots to choose from over the next few months! This should carry me approximately to the middle of November; the holiday season is nearly all winter in my mind, so by the time my reading preference starts to turn more seriously toward Christmas, I’ll see about setting the next list. I think I’m going to like having this list to refer back to. It should be large enough that I can pick and choose what strikes my fancy over the coming weeks and small enough that I can realistically keep up with it.

Do you put any forethought into what you read, or are you more spontaneous?

Until the next chapter,


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