August 2022 TBR & Goals

August 2022 TBR

Finish These Current Reads:

📚 Joyful Sorrow by Julie Busler Nonfiction

📚 The Wrong Jesus by Greg Monette Nonfiction

Then Read These:

📚 Running on Air by Budd Coates Nonfiction

📚 One book by Jane Austen or an adaptation to commemorate the Austen in August Reading Challenge which does not appear to be formally occurring this year.

If time, make a last-minute attempt at 10 Books of Summer with these:

📚 Crescendo by Allen Cheney Nonfiction

📚 Kiera by Kate Willis Christian Dystopian Fiction

📚 The Dressmaker’s Secret by Kellyn Roth Historical Fiction

📚 Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy Historical Fiction

Other August Goals

  • Post more reviews
  • Make a bookstagram post at least once per week
  • Update my resume
  • Outline tentative plans for fall and maybe winter re: blogging, reading challenges, and major family/social events
  • Find a new rhythm for exercising and other hobbies now that volleyball is over and capstone will wrap up this week
  • Watch season 1 of The Chosen (re-watching a few episodes and then finishing the season) while working through the companion study guide, What Does It Mean To Be Chosen?
  • Update the 2022 Reading Challenge spreadsheet that I made at the beginning of the year but have not kept up-to-date

Although it doesn’t look like there is anything big happening this month, I am actually really looking forward to August. I intend to take some time to check in with my personal goals and perhaps adjust some of the ways I do things in order to better pursue my true priorities. Even though I am no longer in school, this feels like a good time for such thoughts. This month also brings a few birthday celebrations and church events that I am looking forward to.

Do you have any set goals for this month? What is one thing you are looking forward to in August?

Until the next chapter,


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