July 2022 TBR & Goals

July TBR List

Finish These In-Progress Books:

Then Read These for the Ten Books of Summer:

Other July 2022 Goals

  • Finish my capstone project
  • Participate in the blog tour for Once I Knew
  • Post 2-3 times per week – including at least 2 book reviews
  • Continue to enjoy being outdoors when possible, and document the highlights of that
  • Try to catch up on some mending that I’ve had set aside for longer than is reasonable
  • Listen through season 1 of the Authentic Christian podcast
  • Finish watching season 1 of The Chosen and reserve season 2 from the library
  • Find a groove with the children’s programs I am helping with at the library. This month will be my first time leading programs on my own.

It seems that often when I look at my list of monthly goals, they feel so small, and yet I am never sure if I will accomplish them. Time is always flying by, and things just don’t go the way I expect. Because there have been many positive surprises recently taking up a lot of my reading and blogging time (things like dinner with friends, coming across a late-hatched family of ducks while walking at the park, and conversations that stretch both time and mind), I’m hesitant to extend my goals any more than what I’ve put above, but there are still so many books that I am excited to read and talk about! Perhaps when the weather turns cooler I will be more drawn to stay inside, read, and blog more frequently. Until then, I’ll keep fitting it in when I have a few free minutes and otherwise go with the flow.

What are you looking forward to this month?

Until the next chapter,


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