Jana Rambles 22.2 – Post-Grad Life Update

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a decent week, Reader, even as it’s contained tragedy on several fronts. I don’t have the words to address all of the grievous things that have occurred this week, but to carry on as if nothing has happened seems irresponsible and disrespectful. May this brief acknowledgement serve as a middle ground recognizing the pain and disgust that seems to permeate the very atmosphere.

Despite sharing my thoughts through this blog on a regular basis, I usually don’t get too personal here. Today, however, I want to share with you some recent highlights. A season of life ended along with my recent graduation ceremony. I’m excited about the next season that is just beginning, so here is a glimpse of the overlap – a peek at sweet endings and new beginnings.

Since WordPress doesn’t let me put a caption on each picture in the slideshow, here is a little about each:

  1. Had to start this out with my favorite picture from graduation. This May I earned a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree. If you’ve been around Reviews From the Stacks for a while, you have doubtless heard me talk about this process. I could say a lot of predictable things about how hard and long and sometimes lonely the process was, but that it was all worth it in the end – and it would all be true! – but, really, I’m just glad to be here today. I wanted to increase my knowledge and ability to serve my community, and I have achieved that goal.
  2. A more casual picture from graduation.
  3. As part of my graduation celebration, my parents and I made an out-of-the-way stop to have lunch at Watermark Books & Café. It’s a cool bookshop in Wichita with some gorgeous typewriters and a fun menu of literary-themed dishes. I couldn’t resist the Green Gables Salad!
  4. The Sunday after graduating I decided to be baptized. In some ways it was unexpected, but it’s also been a long time coming. If anyone wants to hear about it I would love to talk to you about what this means to me and why I did it, but I’m struggling to narrow it down to a reasonable length for this point, so I’ll leave it at that. 💜
  5. One of my goals for this summer is to be more active and prioritize health over convenience. I miss being active and outdoors on a regular basis! I started with a walk at a local park on my next day off. That day happened to be the ninth anniversary of an EF-5 tornado scarring my hometown and destroying this particular park (among many, many other things), so I stopped by this sign that has a brief commemoration.
  6. Three of my cousins also graduated from various programs, so we had an extended family luncheon to celebrate. One couldn’t attend, so we included her picture on the phone.
  7. Like I mentioned above, I want to work on prioritizing healthy decisions over convenience; this picture shows the salads I prepped for the week. It’s completely different from what I usually have for lunch, so I was a little skeptical, but I have actually really liked this! The biggest problem seems to be remembering to bring a fork.

People keep asking me what I’m going to do with all of my newfound free time, so here’s a rundown of how I plan to spend this summer:

  • Finishing my capstone project
  • Getting back into bookstagram and making a final decision on whether I want to keep that account or not
  • Spend more time on this blog, writing more reviews and “fun” posts
  • Playing volleyball on a city league team with church friends
  • Helping with VBS at said church
  • Completing the “C.S. Lewis on Christianity” free lecture course offered through Hillsdale College
  • Supporting my programming coworkers through the Summer Reading program
  • More time on the piano
  • Figure out how to make affordable and enjoyable meals that are healthy and filled with natural ingredients
  • Generally be more active and enjoy time outside

I think that is plenty enough to keep me busy! What are your summer plans?

Until the next chapter,


5 thoughts on “Jana Rambles 22.2 – Post-Grad Life Update

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation, Jana. I plan on spending my summer at home, in the pool with family and friends. There are no words for the tragedies over the last few weeks.

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  2. This sounds amazing, Jana! I’m trying to prioritize my health more this summer as well. Like you, I really miss the outdoors. It’s not that difficult to spend a little time outside each day, but I haven’t done it many days so far. Many congratulations on your graduation and degree, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!

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