New Release Spotlight: Sixteen by Amie Woleslagle

Happy Friday, and happy release day to Sixteen by Amie Woleslagle! Although this has been “dead week” for me (the last week of the semester before finals), it’s been just as crazy as most! The weather has been decidedly Spring in Oklahoma, meaning we have had severe storms most days, the formerly parched ground is waterlogged, and there have been a handful of tornadoes around the state. The town of Seminole, Oklahoma has been hit particularly hard, and my heart goes out to everyone dealing with that.

Aside from the weather, this week started a month of transitions at work. The school year is wrapping up for most students. Summer Reading is right around the corner. As a result, the projects that I have been working on are largely coming to an end with new ones already there to take their place.

I keep circling back to the thought that in just one week, I will be graduating. Yes, I’ll still have to do my capstone project over the summer before it is entirely official, but I will be done with classes and walk in the commencement ceremony. Two years filled with hard work and dreams will come to a close. How crazy is that?!

For the rest of this post, as stated at first I’m sharing about Amie Woleslagle’s new poetry collection Sixteen. I hope to read this soon since I liked her previous poetry book, Fifteen.

About the Book

Title: Sixteen

Genre: Poetry

About: No one is perfect, and neither is the world. You’re not the only person who deals with crushing expectations and unreasonable demands. Amie Woleslagle, a teen herself, has captured a snapshot of teens who are buckling under the weight of the world, their parents, and their peers. Sixteen is a book of poetry wrestling with the outcomes of expectation. All too often it results in suicide, political unrest, anxiety, depression, abandoning religion, and questions. Collecting the voices and thoughts of teens around the world with these poems, Amie shines a light for the future while visiting lessons from the past.

About the Author

Amie has made a few previous appearances on Reviews From the Stacks! In fact, she was the first person I ever allowed to write a guest post here. I’ve also discussed her other books Fifteen and Snowball and the Missing Apple.

Official Bio:

Amie Woleslagle is the author of Fifteen, a poetry compilation from a teen to other teens struggling with mental health. Currently a student at The Author Conservatory, she has big dreams for her future career. When she isn’t working on creating worlds and writing both poetry and prose, she’s painting books for her business, Painted Prose Designs, singing Broadway songs on the top of her lungs, or cuddling her furry pets. She dwells in the Peach State, where the weather is hardly ever too cold, and mostly too hot. You can join her wild adventures on her IG @writingamieanne or follow her newsletter (

How has this month started out for you, Reader? Is the weather chaotic where you are, or do you enjoy a more gentle change in the seasons? And, is anyone else about to graduate from any sort of educational or certification program? (Side note, if you know of any graduation-themed general or book tags, I’m looking for one to do later this month!)

Until the next chapter,


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