This Season in Song Lyrics

Today’s post is something a little different! Instead of books, I want to talk about ten of the songs I have on repeat these days. Think of it like a random life update without getting into all the granular details. If you’ve been around Reviews From the Stacks for a while, then you know one of my hobbies is making playlists, and yes, I made one with these songs here. They’re taken from larger playlists that are my current go-tos. I’m going to share the line(s) from each song that I most resonate with and will link to each one on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Have you ever missed somewhere that you’ve never been before?

I think I want answers / but what I really need is peace…I’m tired of waiting / but I’m afraid of how it’s gonna end / so I’m stuck here in between / bracing for bad news and hoping for a miracle

I don’t want this desert road / are you sure this is the plan that You have for me?…I don’t know where this is going / but I know who holds my hand / It’s not the path I would’ve chosen / but I’ll follow You to the end

I’m coming back to the heart of worship / and it’s all about You

I have prayed so many times to be strong / I stay here in the desert making circles in the sand / But You’re telling me that You’re the promised land

It’s nice to have a friend

Joy comes, tears fall / I’m learning there is beauty in it all

We will sing a new song / Let hallelujahs flow like a river / We’re coming back to life / Reaching towards the light / Your love is like springtime

Note to self: don’t let yourself worry quite as much / It’ll end up fine enough / It always has up until now / Something else, you should think of other people a little more / You shoulda thought of that before / Cause of everything you’ve written down / This is the first note that you wrote for someone else

What if who I hoped to be was always me? / And the love I fought to feel was always free?…What if where I tried to go was always here? / And the path I tried to cut was always clear?

Photo by Kai Pilger on

What songs are you really enjoying this season?

If you want to see more of my music taste, search the blog for posts tagged “music” or follow me on Spotify here.

Until the next chapter,


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