Unraveled Wednesday 22.1

New Year, new…numbering system? Yes indeed! Recurring posts that I write this year will all be numbered as 22.[iteration of the post for this year]. So, since this is the first Unraveled Wednesday that I am participating in but I am pretty sure there will be others, this is number 22.1, the first instance of an Unraveled Wednesday post on Reviews From the Stacks in 2022. Is that clear as mud?

Finally, the weather seems to have caught up with the calendar here. There was even a dusting of snow on New Year’s Day! The high temperature today is supposed to be 43℉, and I am honestly thrilled. I recently read another book blogger’s post where they mentioned being very happy that the temperature was getting up into the 30s, and I found myself nearly laughing as it is difficult for me to imagine a season like that. I’m not sure that I could even differentiate between the cold of 30℉ and the cold of 0℉. Anything below about 40 seems the same to me, but then I haven’t spent many extended periods of time anywhere that cold. I’m just glad that it is finally chilly enough to warrant sitting under a fuzzy blanket and appreciate the weight of the blanket I’m knitting as well.

Unraveled Wednesday is a linkup hosted by As Kat Knits highlighting current projects, books we’re reading, and relevant yarn industry news/info/discussions.


I’m going to be working on this blanket for a while, and probably not much else! Christmas did not bring as much knitting time as I had hoped, so I am starting to be a little nervous about completing it in time for the blanket drive which ends at Valentine’s Day. However, I finished the first skein of yarn yesterday, and I’m cautiously optimistic that I will get through two more before spring classes start.


The Personal Librarian

I’m setting aside Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening this year in favor of reading the One Word Bible study edited by Andrew Phillips. This covers the entire year, with five short devotionals per week.

Earlier this week I started reading The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict. So far it’s a pleasant read; I’m not exactly a fan of all the characters who have been introduced, but the writing is good and I’m invested in the story.

On Monday I watched an interesting documentary while knitting: Skyline, the Space Elevator Documentary (2015). Science fiction is referenced several times throughout, and it’s interesting to think about the ways literature and the hard sciences like physics influence each other.

Are you working on any indoor projects this season, or enjoying a good book during the cold winter evenings?

Also, if anyone has recommendations for easy crochet borders to add onto a blanket, I am currently looking for something to put on this once I finish knitting the bulk of it. I have a few ideas from Pinterest, but would certainly welcome your thoughts and suggestions! I’m not quite as comfortable with crochet as knitting, so I’m looking for something simple but pretty in a single color.

Until the next chapter,


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  1. The blogger who was happy the temperature was going to be in the 30’s was probably me! I laughed out loud when I read that! Love it! We’re in a wind chill advisory right now. Brrr! ⛄ Have a great day!

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    1. It probably was you! I couldn’t remember at the time when I was writing this. Tomorrow we’re only supposed to reach 25, but I think after that the highs bounce back to like the 40s & 50s. As long as there’s no big ice storm, it’s all good with me!

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  2. Welcome! 🙂 And I LOVE your numbering system! Genius! I have The Personal Librarian on my “want-to-read list” so I will be interested to read your thoughts on it!

    I am sorry I can offer no crochet border tips… but I think Vicki of Knitorious (https://www.knitorious.life/) might be able to help!

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    1. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll have to check out Vicki’s site!

      I’ve heard lots of good things about The Personal Librarian, and I hope it lives up to them. So far, so good!


  3. I hopped on the highway last week and drove to Florida. I needed to get to sun and warmth. I am here for 12 weeks, so lots of reading time, swimming and sitting on my balcony in the sun. Already sleeping better.

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  4. It was 2.5C here at midday, just above freezing, the wind makes it feel colder. I shall spend the afternoon with my book, under a blanket, me not the book.It’s Toni Morrison’s Home. I have never added a crochet border to a knitted blanket, but I favour what we call DC, in the States SC. Good luck.

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  5. I feel the same about temps between 32˚ and 60˚. We get so little of that kind of weather that I cannot distinguish the temp. Here in northwest WI it was -24˚ when I got up this morning 🙂


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