Happy Release Day, Best Friends for Never

Happy Tuesday! One of the most enjoyable parts of library school is reading good books which I otherwise might have missed. The children’s lit & services course I took last semester allowed me to expand my knowledge base quite a bit in the realm of children’s books, too, and one of the gems I truly fell in love with is Katie the Catsitter, and its sequel looks to be just as good!

About the Book

Best Friends for Never (Katie the Catsitter, #2)

Title: Best Friends for Never (Katie the Catsitter #2)

Author: Colleen A.F. Venable, illustrated by Stephanie Yue

Genre: Juvenile/Middle Grade Graphic Novel, Fantasy Elements in a mostly-normal Contemporary setting

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Katie loves skating with the Wheelas and the fact that she’s officially a superhero sidekick. But now that school’s starting, everything’s changing. The Mousetress is getting blamed for things Katie knows she didn’t do. Sidekick training is NOT as exciting as she’d hoped. Katie’s best friend Beth is back in town and Beth’s new boyfriend is always hanging around (ugh!). Not to mention that all of Katie’s friends are mad at her. Fixing this will be harder than any skateboarding trick. But with the help of 217 slightly out of the ordinary cats, Katie’s going to try! Can she clear the Mousestress’s name, uncover the real supervillain, and become the sidekick (and the friend) she’s always dreamed of being?

If you’re a cat lover, graphic novel reader, or simply looking for an enjoyable middle-grade book, I highly recommend Katie the Catsitter, and I am optimistic about Best Friends for Never being just as good.

Until the next chapter,


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