12 Days of Christmas 2021 Day 1: Kickoff & Favorite Early Blogmas Posts

The fall 2021 semester is over, and there are 12 days until Christmas! I thought there might be a formal 12 days of Christmas linkup to participate in, but I haven’t seen one that seems relevant to what I post about, so this year I came up with all of my own prompts and we’ll see how it goes! Granted, some of the posts I have planned are just *the Christmas version* of posts that I do on a regular basis (like FLF and Tackling the TBR), but some are more unique. My goal is to post something Christmas related every day from today through Christmas. Today, I’m kicking things off with a nod to the brave bloggers who are taking on an entire month of daily Christmas posting in the form of Blogmas. There have already been so many fun and festive posts! A few of my favorites are highlighted below.

1. Christmas Sustainability Bingo Collab – Blondeyonamission & Happy Panda

Wrapping paper, plastic packaging, and shipping cartons, oh my! Christmas can generate a lot of waste, which in turn can become litter and harm the environment if it isn’t taken care of properly. These two bloggers created a fun bingo board with ideas for celebrating Christmas in more sustainable ways. I don’t know that I will get a bingo this year, but I love the idea!

2. DIY Christmas Décor Ideas on Needles and Wool

These crafts look so cute, and not too difficult! The popsicle stick sleds are probably my favorite, although the one I am most likely to actually do is painting pine cones to look like tiny Christmas trees.

3. A Literary Christmas 2021 Begins on In the Bookcase

Okay, technically this blogger isn’t participating in Blogmas, but her December reading challenge is definitely in the same spirit and always yields some additions to the Christmas section of my TBR list.

4. Gnome for the Holidays on powerfulwomenreaders

Always up for a good pun, and this bingo/coloring sheet hits all the right bookish and Christmasy notes!

5. Blogging Through the Holidays: Tips for Making Your Blog Fun & Festive on Living the Blogging Life

Looking for inspiration to spruce up your blog this Christmas (see what I did there?)? Maggie at LTBL has some painless recommendations for making your blog sparkle without too much extra work.

Whether you are participating in Blogmas or 12 Days of Christmas or not, I hope you enjoy these posts that are a few of my favorites so far! Feel free to share your own favorite Christmas blog post (your own or someone else’s) or give an encouraging shout-out to someone in the comments! And if you know of anyone hosting a bookish or crafty 12 days linkup, please let me know! I would love to check out as many literary Christmas posts as possible this year.

Until the next chapter,


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