Book Review: A New Day Dawns by Terry Lister

Happy Friday! It is crazy windy here today, and has been for a few days. Thankfully, I think that means our cooler weather is finally moving in for good. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were dealing with a severe ice storm and ended up closing the library for a few days as a result. September & October have always been something of a minor severe weather season for us (at least as long as I’ve been here), but these last two years seem to have taken that to a new level. Unfortunately, sometimes that means tracking storms instead of reading (either for class or pleasure). However, today I am sharing a brand new book I recently enjoyed quite a bit. Some of you will be glad to hear that this one isn’t specifically a children’s book! It’s simple enough that it could be appreciated by many children, but this is not one that I read for my children’s lit class. A New Day Dawns by Terry Lister is a travelogue about another of his trips through several countries in Africa.

About the Book

A New Day Dawns (Travels With Terry, #2)

Title: A New Day Dawns (Travels with Terry #2)

Author: Terry Lister

Genre: Nonfiction – Travelogue

Synopsis: This highly anticipated release is both amusing and historical, as Terry guides curious explorers beyond the tourist traps and pushes the proverbial and literal boundaries in search of adventure. Old and new experiences collide to create the perfect maelstrom of confidence and trepidation as he navigates the African coast. 

From pristine beaches and hectic markets to dense forests and ancient castles, Terry delivers an unforgettable adventure that is guaranteed to spark a soul-stirring experience for his readers.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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My Thoughts

I think I learned more about African history in this short travelogue than I ever did in high school. The author does a good job of introducing the reader to key points in the history of the areas he visits (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana), going easily between history and the narrative of his journey. I enjoyed seeing the places he visited and learning a little about aspects of the cultures, both historic and current. This book fills in a few of the blank spots of my knowledge.

Anyone who enjoys travel narratives will appreciate this book. It isn’t overly dramatized, but plenty does happen! Unlike some books, this one feels entirely down-to-earth, as if the author were an acquaintance telling you about an interesting trip they took instead of an author selling a book. The pictures included compliment the narrative nicely as well. For some places, words alone don’t really get the point across. You can talk about how vibrant someplace is, but until the reader can actually see it, it’s hard to know if they truly understand. Lister’s book leaves little room for missing out.

The Verdict

I recommend A New Day Dawns by Terry Lister to anyone who enjoys travelogues and stories of adventure without too high of stakes. There is plenty to discover in this book, but not a high level of drama, which I find to be comforting and even relaxing. It’s a fairly quick read (I finished it in a single day), but this book will leave you with a smile and a decent amount of knowledge about places which really aren’t as far away as they may seem at first. Travelogues aren’t always my favorite genre, but this one has earned a solid 4 stars.

Do you enjoy reading about traveling, Reader? And/or do you have a favorite non-home location to read about? I think mine would be France or Antarctica.

Until the next chapter,


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