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Welcome to Friday, Reader!

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned that Oklahoma actually seemed to be following the calendar, and things were cooling down like fall is supposed to? This week we decided to go back to Spring! Which honestly isn’t that surprising. Tornado sirens before dawn, on the other hand, are surprising. Thankfully nothing that came through my area was damaging, but it’s still not fun! Especially when the storms interrupt my studying and writing time!

But I digress. It’s been a little while since I have done any tags, and recently Kate from Once Upon an Ordinary tagged me for the All Around the Blogosphere tag (thank you, Kate!). It looks like fun, so here we go:

The Rules:

1. Answer the questions below on your blog.
2. Tag at least a couple other bloggers.
3. Have them answer these questions.

1. What’s your favorite book/book series and why?


We would start off with a hard one! This shelf from my Goodreads contains my favorite books of this decade of my life. Here are a few that are equally deserving of the title of my favorite:

A recent book I’ve loved: Piranessi by Susanna Clarke

A nonfiction favorite: Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble

An underrated indie favorite: Wedding Score by Amanda Tero

A timeless favorite: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

2. Who is your favorite author?

Did we learn nothing about the difficulty of these questions with the first one?

I don’t have a favorite author. A few who I always hold high expectations for due to past successes are Sarah Sundin, Scott Westerfeld, and Sarah Grace Grzy

3. What is your favorite food?

Cheese. No joke, literally just cheese. Also just about anything that contains cheese.

Okay, fine, if I have to pick a dish then I’ll go with baked ziti. Or my mom’s homemade burritos.

4. What gives you inspiration for your books?

I suppose this is intended for authors, which I’m not. Whenever I dabble in story writing my inspiration is usually just random daydreams or things I’ve seen on Pinterest. If you want to see what I stumble across there, you can follow me here.

5. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I have a couple of follow-up questions before answering this one: Do I have to stay there forever? Do I automatically have a job that pays enough to sustain a reasonable lifestyle wherever I pick? And, can I only pick from actual places?

I don’t really have a dream location to live forever, but I would like to go to France, and I think it would be fun to live in Ireland for a few years. I would also like to visit each US state, but I don’t know where I would want to live forever. Someplace with fewer tornadoes than Oklahoma and more sun than Alaska, I think.

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

It depends on the situation. According to the last Myers-Briggs test I took, I’m around 55% introverted. So, maybe I’m an ambivert? I don’t know. I used to be completely introverted.

7. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Something about puns and coffee, probably! Somehow I’m sure the word latte would be involved…

And that’s the end of the tag! Thanks again, Kate, for tagging me!

I tag:

Tall Blonde Tales

Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors


Do y’all have any other get-to-know-the-blogger type questions you would like to ask, Reader? If they’re reasonable, I’ll answer in the comments.

Until the next chapter,


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