Spotlight: 5 Fall Favorites 2021 is This Week!

Just a brief post today to let you know that one of my favorite annual blogging events is taking place this week!

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5 Fall Favorites is a bloghop/book recommendation party hosted by Rebekah Morris at Read Another Page. Each day this week the participants will share 5 book recommendations based on a given prompt. These posts are not just a series of lists, however. Everything is integrated into an overarching story where you (the blog reader) are a part of the journey! To an extent it’s a choose-your-own adventure because you get to choose the order you visit the blogs in. Each blog is assigned a “room” or topic in addition to the prompt for their book recommendations, so at one blog you may be picking apples in the orchard while hearing about these books and in another you might be snuggling under a cozy blanket to read on your own. The creativity of these bloggers blows me away every year.

One blog per day is designated the “books” room, and this site will have a free short story available. It changes every day, so you have to do a bit of searching to find the daily freebie! Also, there is a giveaway which you can enter by leaving comments and doing other tasks at each blog. This year the grand prize contains 5 books, a bag, and a giftcard.

You can find the Literary Lodge (aka the home base & starting point for the blog hop) here. I hope to see you there!

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