My Favorite Music for Reading + Help Me Build A New Playlist!

Thanks for joining me on this Friday, Reader! We’re almost to the end of August – has it been an interesting month for you? Every new semester and season seems to bring new and interesting things my way, and this is no exception. I can already tell that the classes I’m in will have unique challenges, and while it’s a little frustrating to begin a class with confusion, I’m looking forward to learning (and to blowing my Goodreads goal out of the water, to be completely honest).

Today I want to do something a little different, while still writing a bookishly fun post. The idea for this post started as a Monday Mini about the music I listen to while reading and studying, but I think it will be even more fun to hear from you! Do you listen to music while you read? If so, what kind? Is it the same kind of music that you listen to in general? Do you have a favorite playlist or album you would be willing to share? The following poll doesn’t collect any information except the answer(s) you select.

Also, leave a comment with your favorite song/album/artist/etc to listen to while reading and I will add them to the playlist linked below! I pulled a few tracks from my own reading playlists to get us started. Chillhop is usually my go-to for study or reading music, so there are a few tracks like that, plus some from my go-to soundtracks and a few other instrumentals. Please don’t feel that you have to suggest things in the same or a similar genre though! I want to hear what you like to listen to, and build a playlist that reflects our community here. As a side note, I recommend listening to this playlist on shuffle as I have not organized the songs in any sort of logical order.

And just for fun here’s a few of my go-to YouTube channels for reading ambiance:

This weekend while I’m listening to the music y’all suggest I intend to read Tables in the Wilderness by Preston Yancey, Crescendo by Allen Cheney, and Text, Lies, and Cataloging by Jana Brubaker. I might also pick up a few of the children’s books I will need to read this semester and get started on them. I look forward to hearing from y’all and seeing what you enjoy listening to! I’ll try to update the playlist throughout the weekend as I see new comments, and the final version will be shared in next week’s August wrap-up post.


P.S. If you’re interested in other playlists I’ve made, check out these posts:

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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Music for Reading + Help Me Build A New Playlist!

Add yours

  1. I can’t listen to music with words when I’m reading. Jazz and classical music are my go-to genre. My go to playlist for classical music is this playlist:

    I love listening to John Coltrane when I’m in my jazz mood.

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    1. That looks like a lovely playlist, thanks for sharing, Adira! Coltrane is great too; for some reason I just can’t seem to concentrate as well with brass instruments, so I don’t listen to much jazz when I’m reading or studying. Sometimes I listen to it in the morning though, as background music for getting ready for the day.

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