New Release Spotlight: At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth

This is a special edition Saturday post celebrating the (re)release of Kellyn Roth’s book, At Her Fingertips! As a side note, I am not part of the official blog tour/release team – just supporting an indie author and sharing about a book I’m excited for!

This book is the third in Roth’s The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy series, of which I have read…book 4. I keep meaning to read the rest, but I was so excited about book four (Beyond Her Calling – read my review here) and then somehow never went back to the beginning of the series. Someday I will fix that. Perhaps next year, when I think the series may wrap up? Anyways, I highly recommend Beyond Her Calling, and I am comfortable in recommending the rest of the series without reading it first. Read on to see if this book is for you!

About the Book

At Her Fingertips (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, #3)

Title: At Her Fingertips (The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy #3)

Author: Kellyn Roth

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: She’s willing to do anything to follow her plan.

Debutante Alice Knight is ready for her first social season in London. She’s determined to impress society and her mother with an affluent match, at last escaping her past and embracing a future of her own making.

Peter Strauss, an American reporter visiting England, isn’t exactly what Alice had in mind. However, his friendship proves invaluable as Alice faces the challenges of her debut. Almost immediately, she attracts the attention of a well-born gentleman—perfect save for the simple fact that he’s not a Christian.

The life she longs for is finally at her fingertips, but between her own heart and the convictions of her faith, she isn’t sure she ought to grasp it.

At Her Fingertips, a romantic women’s fiction novel, is the third novel in Kellyn Roth’s Christian family saga, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy.

About the Author

Kellyn Roth is a Christian historical women’s fiction & romance author from North-Eastern Oregon who has independently published multiple novels, the most notable being The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series. You should definitely call her Kell.

Kell lives on family-owned property outside an unmemorable but historical town with her parents, two little brothers, arbitrary cat, precious border collies, a dozen cows, and lots of chickens. She also possesses a classic, vintage aesthetic which does not at all speak to her country girl side, but such is life.

When not writing, Kell likes to blog, teach writing to her various students, have day jobs which allow her to keep her car properly insured, and spend lavish amounts of money on Dairy Queen french fries. She also likes to talk about Keira Knightley and her own books. Just … way too much. You’ve been warned.

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Have a lovely weekend, Reader! I’m hoping to stop by the Farmer’s Market today between homework & housework, and, if I have any additional free time, perhaps start reading a new fiction book.

Happy relaunch day, Kellyn & At Her Fingertips!

Until the next chapter,


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