WWW Wednesday May 12, 2021

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme currently hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. The three W’s stand for the following questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you’ll read next? To participate, make a post or comment answering the three questions, link up to the host (Sam)’s post, and check out what others are reading and talking about! I typically participate once a month, approximately in the middle of the month, as a halfway check-in on my monthly reading goals.

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What Am I Currently Reading?

Mirror's Edge (Impostors, #3)📚 Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter by Timothy Keller; Nonfiction – Theology

📚 Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry & Emily Folger; Nonfiction – Biography, Book Collecting

📚 The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery; Historical Fiction, early 1900s Canada

📚 Mirror’s Edge (Impostors #3) by Scott Westerfeld; Young Adult Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

What Did I Recently Finish Reading?

The Public Library: A Photographic Essay📚 Irrepressible Reformer: A Biography of Melvil Dewey by Wayne A. Wiegand; Nonfiction – Biography ⭐⭐⭐⭐

📚 Cataloging Cultural Objects: A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images by Murta Baca (on behalf of VRA); Nonfiction – Librarianship, Cataloging

📚 The Public Library: A Photographic Essay by Robert Dawson; Nonfiction – Photography, Libraries ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What Might I Read Next?

How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time📚 The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow by Kim Vogel Sawyer; Historical Fiction, Great Depression Kentucky

📚 How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Bottle at a Time by Will MCallum; Nonfiction – Environmentalism

📚 America’s Greatest Library: An Illustrated History of the Library of Congress by John Y. Cole; Nonfiction – History, Photography, Library of Congress

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I may have gone a little overboard reserving books from the library as soon as my semester ended. I think I have about 20 checked out now, and there is no way I will finish half of them before my summer classes start! I really wanted to have options at my fingertips, though. Since I have not had time to read hardly anything for the past few months, there are a ton of things that I want to read, but I’m not sure what will be able to hold my attention at the moment. Also, since I only have a few weeks before my next round of classes, I didn’t want to change my mind and then have to wait another week for a book from the other side of the county. Thus, I have a towering stack of books (plus a few DVDs). It’s not like it will cost me anything to have them checked out for a few weeks and then return them unread. Have I mentioned lately that I love the library?

So, that’s where I stand on reading these days. Tons of options, and just a few short weeks to get in as much “for fun” reading as I can (while also getting caught up on some other non-school responsibilities). What books are you reading or thinking about today?

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