March TBR & Goals

Just a short post today! I thought I would have my goals posted last week, but school is so busy at the moment that I just didn’t get to it. So, here’s what I hope to read and accomplish this month!

March TBR

A Poetics of Orthodoxy

A Poetics of Orthodoxy by Benjamin P. Myers – Nonfiction, theology – aesthetics; started reading on 3/2

An American Sunrise by Joy Harjo – Poetry; started reading on 2/22

For the Common Good: Redefining Civic Leadership by David D. Chrislip & Ed O’Malley – Nonfiction, Leadership; started reading on 1/27

The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow by Kim Vogel Sawyer – Christian Historical Fiction (1920s Kentucky); started reading on 2/18

Irrepressible Reformer: A Biography of Melvil Dewey – Nonfiction, Biography; not yet started

Other March Goals

  • Don’t get behind on school
  • Keep up with all the normal life and work stuff that needs to be done
  • Post at least once a week
    • Host Spell the Month in Books on the second Saturday

Not a lot of variety in this month’s goals, but school is seriously taking up all of my time this semester! I’m really appreciative of having a lot to do, but it is a challenge. This semester, one of my classes (Management) is one big ongoing group project, which adds a few extra layers of difficulty. Another class (Organization of Information) has multiple projects due at the end of the semester, which I’m supposed to be preparing for now, while keeping up with the regular weekly assignments. My third class (Library Instruction) is set up differently from any class I’ve had before, with some units lasting a single week and some taking an entire month. The assignments are long and involved, but so far the grading in that class has been fairly easy. My final class for this semester, Intro to Rare Books, is so much fun and a lot less work than the others since it is only one credit hour whereas the rest are three. Taken together, this semester is a really interesting dynamic! As challenging as it is, I’m still enjoying almost all of it (that group project definitely has its moments…).

So, that’s what I’m working on this month! What’s on your plate for March? Are you reading anything interesting, either for a class or just for fun?

Until the next chapter,


3 thoughts on “March TBR & Goals

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    1. It’s a very busy season for me! Four classes is turning out to be a lot to handle. I’m mostly enjoying it though, and I hope you’re finding reasonably enjoyable ways to pass the time in Lockdown!


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