Unraveled Wednesday // February 3, 2021

Happy Wednesday! For nearly the past two years, each month here has started with a Yarn Along post. Sadly, the host has decided to discontinue Yarn Along, so the linkup is no more. I’m very sad to see this go, as I have loved seeing everyone’s projects progress each month. I’ve also found and followed a lot of yarn- and book-loving bloggers because of this linkup. It will definitely be missed, but such is the life cycle of a blog meme.

However, there is a similar linkup that I have occasionally joined in called Unravelled Wednesday, hosted at As Kat Knits. Similar to Yarn Along, the point of Unraveled Wednesday is to talk about the yarny projects you have going on and the books you’re reading. I’ve decided to start linking up here at least once a month, although the linkup is posted every week. I’m sure it will take a while to really integrate into a new linkup community, and it will never be exactly the same, but I am glad for another chance to talk about knitting with other people who love both yarn and books.

Yarn Updates

I haven’t gotten any pictures lately as I don’t have any big knitting or crochet projects going on at the moment. I did, however, crochet up several squares of leftover yarn which I intend to eventually join into a patchwork scarf. I’ve also got a scarf on my knitting needles that I am working on while watching recorded lectures for school. It’s a moderately challenging pattern, mostly because I am not quite as skilled at multitasking as I thought I was! I really ought to have taken a picture of it, but by the time I thought about it it was late and the lighting all wrong.

Reading Updates

Shuttle, Houston: My Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control

I have way too many books in progress for someone who is taking four graduate classes and working full time. Some of them are definitely not going to get done this time around, but since my library has fairly long check-out periods, I’m letting them linger for now. A prime example of this is Shuttle, Houston: My Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control by Paul Dye. I loved the introduction to this book! I was hooked and completely drawn into this guy’s life and what it meant to work at Mission Control during the shuttle program. However, then he started to get into the science of why the shuttle worked the way that it did, the math behind making decisions for orbital missions, and other things that are so far out of my wheelhouse that I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the page. I’m sure it’s all fascinating if you’re a science-minded or mathematically inclined person, but I am not, and it’s definitely affecting my enjoyment of the book. So it sits in my room mostly untouched these days. I want to get back to it, but it isn’t a priority and I just don’t have time for things that are not a priority at the moment.

Tune It Out

On the other side of things is Tune It Out by Jamie Sumner. I want to spend every moment reading this book. It’s a middle-grade book about a girl with a tough childhood and sensory processing disorder, and I am completely sucked into this world and her life. I am frequently surprised with how much I relate to Lou, and with each page I find myself wanting to fight for her even more. I’m about halfway through and I can’t wait to see how it finishes!

I’m also listening to The Mysterious Benedict Society during my commute, reading For the Common Good for my library management class, and snatching up pieces of Laddie and Together, Apart when I have a free moment.

What are you working on this month, Readers? I currently have a lot more projects up in the air than I expected to this early in the semester. I’m glad to be busy, though. It would be nice if things were a little more spread out, but I truly don’t mind always having something to work on. I like staying busy. What about you?

Until the next chapter,


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  1. Like you I am missing Ginny’s Yarn Along link up- but with another baby on the way and all the other children I sort of understand her reasoning. I must look at the new link up you mention, as i do love blogs with books and knitting. I’m not sure how you find the time for everything. I ma still trying to finosh the waistcoat I was making my grand daughter, but knwing all the button shops are closed in lockdown has left me procastinating with the button band up the front. must just do it and start something new- without buttons!

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