February TBR & Goals

Happy February, Readers! There is a lot going on in my life this month, especially from school. I have two in-person weekend sessions scheduled, which due to COVID will be virtual but still require a lot of time and energy. Additionally, one of my classes has a semester-long group project that we are figuring out how to communicate and carry out, on top of the usual classwork. It’s a lot, but I am loving it! All of my classes are very interesting this semester and, so far, have unique assignments which are easy to engage with. That doesn’t mean they are easy to complete quickly, though; everything is taking a substantial amount of attention and time, which I am happy to give.

There are at least a dozen other things going on this month, too, but I know you’re really here to see which books I will be spending time with this month, so let’s get to that now!

What I Plan to Read in February

Tune It Out

Finish These In-Progress Books

Never Say Goodbye

Then Read the Following

Other Goals

  • Set up a formal linkup for Spell the Month in Books
  • Post at least twice a week, unless it becomes too much to handle on top of schoolwork
  • Be prepared for both of my synchronous weekend classes
  • Celebrate multiple family members’ birthdays
  • Run a successful Staff Association fundraiser (we’re selling Tea Grams, so staff have the opportuniTEA to show their colleagues that they appreciate them a latte!)
  • Get into a groove with schoolwork, keeping up with all 4 classes
  • Enjoy the month despite how busy it promises to be!

What are your goals for this month? Do you have anything fun, interesting, or relaxing going on?

I’ve seen a few bloggers and bookstagrammers saying that they intend to read more Romance books in February – are you going to embrace this, or stay as far away as possible from anything romance-related? (I’m somewhere in the middle – there is too much else going on to really stand at either end this year!)

Until the next chapter,


3 thoughts on “February TBR & Goals

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  1. The wind in the willows- how lovely, I really like that book and perfect for Spring. No romances for me, they are a bit turgid, unless you can point me in the direction of a good one. I’m still ploughing through Death in Venice.


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