First Line Friday // January 15, 2020 Featuring Eubeltic Quest by Nadine C. Keels

What a week! After ten days off, being back at work this week has been a strange combination of relaxing and chaotic. For the most part, things have actually gone very smoothly. It has still been a tiring, though, and I know that isn’t going to change anytime soon! My classes start back next week, and from that point on I know I will be very busy. It seems like a very long time ago that I was wrapping up last semester!

Today’s post is linking up with First Line Friday to tell you about a book I started reading this week and am so far enjoying! It’s a fairly niche genre, and the second book in a series, and I am thoroughly glad that I picked it up!

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First Line Friday is a weekly linkup hosted at Hoarding Books. To participate, share the first line of a book of your choice, add the link to the linkup on the host’s page, and check out what others are reading and sharing!     

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The First Line:

“Sleep, aun Bhoerh,” he urged himself under his breath on the ship, albeit it if did happen to be a genuine urge at all, it was halfhearted.

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About the Book

Eubeltic Quest (Eubeltic Realm #2)Title: Eubeltic Quest (Eubeltic Realm #2)

Author: Nadine C. Keels

Genre: “inspirational historical fantasy”

Synopsis: He suspects that his own prayer has come back to haunt him…

As a respected guardsman in the kingdom he calls home, Dauntless is more than ready to take on his next assignment. He’s been chosen to accompany the king on a trip to witness the inauguration of a new Eubeltic nation. Aside from the prestige of the trip, Daun is relieved to be getting away for a while. He hasn’t fully recovered from the recent damage to his trust in the woman he has a passion for. This time of travel could be his best chance to soul-search. But when critical remnants of the past come to collide with the present, Daun realizes just how risky—and eruptive—a true quest of the soul can become.

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What are you reading this week? Are you looking forward to anything this weekend? I hope to catch up with a friend for a little late Christmas celebration, update my car tag, and participate in a virtual game night. Of course there are also things like grocery shopping and laundry to fit in as well.

Until the next chapter,


6 thoughts on “First Line Friday // January 15, 2020 Featuring Eubeltic Quest by Nadine C. Keels

Add yours

  1. Happy Friday! My first Line is from “Crazy for You” by Susan May Warren and Michelle Sass Aleckson:

    “Anything had to be better than returning to Deep Haven. Enemy fire. Jumping into hostile territory.”

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  2. My first line comes from Dreams of Savannah by Roseanna White:
    Savannah, Georgia May 1861
    Cordeliia Owens had dreamed of this day a hundred times. This moment. This story just waiting to happen

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