Winter Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2021!

It’s one thing to set goals about reading, to say “I want to read more” or “this year I will read X number of books.” It’s another to know where to start and actually achieve your reading goals. My library knows that it can be overwhelming to look at or even just think about all of the books out there, and not know which to choose to read. They also wanted to encourage adults to read more, but to do it in a fun way. From this context the Winter Book Bingo Reading Challenge was born!

The rules of book bingo are simple. Pick up a bingo card, and use the ideas in the squares to help you find something good to read! Any format of book counts – including ebooks, audiobooks, print books, graphic novels, etc. When you get a bingo by reading five books to fill in a row, column, or diagonal, if you have an adult library card you win a prize. If you get a blackout by filling in a book for each square by the end of February, you are also entered in a drawing for a cool prize pack. There’s also an option to complete the challenge digitally by using the Beanstack app.

The prize for getting a bingo this year is a branded coffee mug, which I personally think looks very cool. I’m not entirely sure if I will make it, but I’m working on it! I’ve already got something for “Book recommended to you” (House of Leaves) and “You couldn’t put down” (The Common Rule), and I have ideas for a few of the other prompts, too.

Although the prizes for this challenge are limited to adult account holders in our library system, I think the idea and challenge are worth talking about more widely! If this sounds fun to you, I encourage you to first check with your local library to see if they have anything similar or a different reading initiative going on at the moment. Some book stores also do things like this. If there isn’t anything going on in your area, then take this challenge just for the fun of it! Perhaps you could set your own reward for completing it, too, such as buying yourself a hot chocolate or doing something that you enjoy when you get a bingo.

Does your library host seasonal reading challenges? What is the most memorable reading challenge you have participated in (through your library or elsewhere)?

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7 thoughts on “Winter Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2021!

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  1. What a fantastic initiative I hope lots of people take part! I used to volunteer for my local library summer reading challenge which encouraged children aged 4 to 11 to read six library books during the school holidays. I listened to the children tell me about the books they read. It was great fun and very interesting to watch the parents interacting with their children.

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    1. I hope so too! We’ve already had a few people get a bingo, so I’m optimistic about overall participation. It sounds like you have great memories from volunteering! It’s so good to be involved and help out that way.


  2. I did a book bingo through the library last year, but all you got for a line was entry to a draw for one prize. I think its much nicer that everyone gets a mug, as it’s much harder than one would think.

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  3. I’m working on mine! And I’m also working through my books that I’ve read before, it’s helping me rediscover my love for reading, especially after last year kind of destroyed it and my attention span 🙂

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