Small Joys Tag

I saw this tag over at Katiescottagebooks and it looked like the perfect post for Thanksgiving! 

To participate, share 15 small joys in your life and tag 5 bloggers who bring you joy.

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15 of My Favorite Small Joys

  1. Starting the morning with a cup of coffee & a book on theology
  2. Group chats that share silly memes and deeper, personal life experiences in the same hour
  3. Watching the sun rise or set
  4. Listening to the perfect song at the perfect time
  5. Also, playing music when no one else is around to hear how good (or not) it comes out
  6. When all of the bookshelves in the library are accurately edged (if you know you know)
  7. New pens
  8. Alpacas. And/or okapi. Honestly, most animals.
  9. Driving by the lake with the windows down
  10. When my sister’s cat comes to me without any bribing
  11. The smell of fresh, home-baked bread
  12. The never-ending quality of my TBR list (okay, this is both a joy and a source of dread, but we’re focusing on the joy today)
  13. My nephews
  14. The enthusiasm in the barista’s voice at my favorite local coffee shop when I ask about specialty drinks
  15. Sunshine (when it isn’t glaring or burning)

5 Blogs that Bring Me Joy

  1. Tiny Navajo Reads
  2. The Cozy Burrow
  3. Amie Anne
  4. There’s Something About KM
  5. The Comfy Reader

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My list ended up super random – but totally me! I am so thankful for the connections I have made through blogging, and for the opportunity to remember and share these little things that bring me joy. Thank you for reading and being a part of this book blog community. 

Also, I tag anyone who wants to talk about the things they are thankful for to do this post! It’s fun and it put me in a good mood. I think we could all probably use more things like this. 

Until the next chapter,


3 thoughts on “Small Joys Tag

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  1. What a great list! I also find joy in so many of these things – new pens, fresh bread, and beautiful library shelves (although, probably for slightly different reasons!). Thank you for so carefully cultivating your blog – I’ve enjoyed it so much! And thank you for listing my blog as one that brings you joy. That means a lot to me 🙂

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  2. These all sound wonderful and with this year and this time of year, it’s always good to remember what joys we have. Thanks for mentioning my blog as one you enjoy as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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