Wrapping Up October 2020

Welcome to my October wrap up post! I read more than I realized this month, so there is a fair bit to talk about!

Books Completed in October

A Girl’s Guide to the OutbackA Girl’s Guide to the Outback by Jessica Kate

Contemporary Christian(ish) Romance(ish)


This book is set around Christmastime, but completely ignores everything fun that it could do with that fact. The “youth pastor” works for a Christian-based community center – not a church. The characters are almost universally obnoxious, at least at times. There are quite a few unnecessary lines/scenes relating to Sam and Kim’s attraction. Why did I give this book three stars? The values underlying the characters are solid and worth cheering for, and despite all of its flaws the plot pulled me along enough to overlook my annoyance and keep reading. Not a highly recommended read, but also not one that I would caution anyone to avoid. It’s truly a mixed bag. 

Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the SkepticalMaking Sense of God by Timothy Keller

Nonfiction, Christian Theology/Apologetics


Making Sense of God isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it is useful and accessible. It covers a variety of arguments for the existence of God from the Christian worldview, all of which I had heard before but none of which are overdone. It was a nice refresher, with the additional benefit of being written with someone who does not believe in mind. Keller’s candid, respectful, and straightforward tone fits perfectly with the subject he discusses. 

8130077. sy475 The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Creative Nonfiction(?), Christian Theology


When I started The Screwtape Letters, all I knew was that it is a book of letters supposedly written by demons. Sounds creepy, right? And this is C.S. Lewis, author of The Magician’s Nephew, The Space Trilogy, and a variety of other fantastic fiction books. On the other hand, Lewis is also the author of Mere Christianity and several other traditional theology books. The Screwtape Letters is more like the latter. I can’t exactly say I am disappointed, but I was surprised by this. It’s a shockingly easy and quick read about temptation, engaging but not requiring much focus or attention. 

27310594The New Librarianship Field Guide by David Lankes

Nonfiction, Librarianship


I don’t have a lot to say about this book, but I’m glad I read it! It provides a very proactive perspective on the responsibilities of librarians. There’s a lot of information packed into the pages. It might be one I want to re-read in the future, when I’m not trying to read quickly for a class deadline.  

Libraries and Gardens: Growing Together by Carrie Scott Banks & Cindy Mediavilla

Nonfiction, Librarianship, Community Gardening


This book is such an amazing resource! I did a substantial project this semester about libraries utilizing community gardens, and this book was foundational. It gives so much good information, shares firsthand accounts of libraries creating various types of gardens and how they worked out (or didn’t!), and provides guidance for anyone considering starting a community garden at their library. This is so useful, and if I am ever in a position to start a library community garden, I am sure I will come back to it!

Murder Simply Brewed (Amish Village Mystery #1)Murder Simply Brewed (Amish Village Mystery #1) by Vanetta Chapman

Christian, Mystery, Clean Romance


This book was such a fun surprise! It definitely requires a bit more suspension of reality than some books, but that’s okay. It just works really well. The characters are engaging, the situation confusing but compelling, the pacing solid, and the faith supported the story without railroading it. I’m glad I spontaneously decided to give it a try, even though mysteries are not my typical go-to.

Average Rating: 3.9⭐s

Books Read, but Not Completed, in October

  • Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) by Shannon Messenger (Middle Grade/YA Fantasy)

Other Highlights from October

  • Movies watched this month: Emma (2020) – ⭐⭐⭐; Captain Marvel (2019) – ⭐⭐⭐⭐; The Incredible Hulk (2008) – ⭐⭐⭐
  • Podcasts I listened to: Deck the Hallmark (and we’re finally back to mostly reviewing Christmas movies!), MercyTalk series on attachment/strengthening friendships 
  • Completing this school project compiling resources for libraries considering starting a community garden
  • Four days off work for an ice storm? In October?! I know severe weather is dangerous but this was honestly so refreshing (except for the part where my heater had to be fixed and the people working on it set off my smoke detector).
    • I laughed when I realized that, previously, “snow days” meant I did not do any school work, but now they mean I do extra! This  fell during a really full week too, which was an extra blessing. 
  • Baking muffins and cornbread 
  • Realizing how close we are to Christmas
  • Celebrating multiple birthdays

Until the next chapter,


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