Happy Release Day, Faithful in Love!

So many good indie books are releasing this month! Today I’m highlighting a book I’ve been excited about for a long time. Okay, it feels like a long time – apparently I only found out about it last year! Faithful in Love by Cecily Wolfe starts a new series featuring characters from her Cliff Walk Courtships series, which I absolutely adored. I truly cannot wait to start reading this book!

51770924. sy475 About the Book

Title: Faithful in Love (Cliff Walk Cousins #1)

Author: Cecily K. Wolfe

Genre: Historical Fiction / Clean Christian Romance

Blurb: Faith’s charmed life is complicated by her romantic feelings for her uncle’s apprentice, but will her family’s interference and criminal accusations keep her and Nico apart, perhaps forever?

Blessed from the moment of her birth, Faith Davenport is adored by everyone and has led a life guided by her charitable, Christian parents. At ease with her family’s expectations and her own strength of belief, she finds creative joy in exploring her Uncle Will’s architecture business.

Nico d’Amici is thrilled with the opportunity to apprentice to Will Travers, well-known for his practical and unique architectural designs, but discovers a deeper emotion when a friendship with Travers’s kind, beautiful, and intelligent niece intensifies. Faith’s best friend, her cousin Thomas, intervenes, but his efforts to keep them apart are nothing compared to accusations of theft that threaten not only the friendship between the three of them but Nico’s very freedom.

Can Faith live up to her name as an example of trusting in God’s strength as she fights what may be a losing battle to save the man she loves from prison?

Other books by this author featured on RFtS: Throne of Grace (ebook review), Throne of Grace (audiobook review), Crown of Beauty (ebook review), Treasure of Hope (ebook review)

Before I wrap up this post, can we talk about how dramatic and beautiful that cover is?? I’ve realized recently that I have (unintentionally) completely thrown “don’t judge a book by its cover” out the window. I am much more likely to read a book with an appealing cover than one without. I’ve even started a shelf on Goodreads for my favorite book covers. This is a wonderful example of a strong cover! 

I hope you’re staying safe and warm, Readers. Here, the weather has been perfect for staying inside and reading recently, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to get ahead on school work. Looking forward to the home stretch of this semester, even if it does include a couple of challenging virtual presentations! 

Until the next chapter,


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