Book Review: The Fall of Candy Corn by Debbie Viguie

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing my one and only Halloween-themed book review for this year, and what a sweet treat it is. The Fall of Candy Corn is a fun young adult story with healthy sides of both mystery and faith.

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2930735About the Book

Title: The Fall of Candy Corn (Sweet Seasons #2)

Author: Debbie Viguie

Genre: Young Adult Christian Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Candace never thought she’d sign up for another season at The Zone, but the allure of working with her boyfriend, Kurt, and spending time with her new friends has made the job easier to bear. Though once she finds out her new job is working as Candy in the newest Halloween maze—a role based on her harrowing night in the park that summer that shifted into a wild story she was chased by a killer—things don’t look quite as promising. Her friend Josh makes things slightly easier to bear, but soon the stress of her family’s potential financial hardships, a suddenly strained relationship with Kurt, and the exhaustion of running and screaming each night begin to take their toll. Then dangerous things start happening inside the maze, and Candace starts wondering if maybe her urban myth is becoming a reality—which means her life may be in danger.

Where I Got My Copy: Mardels

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun fall-themed YA story with a Christian foundation but not specifically about Christianity, The Fall of Candy Corn is perfect! I picked this up on sale way back at the beginning of quarantine, and soon read it in a single day. The pacing is good, the characters are fun, and the setting of the amusement park is both unique and enjoyable. I haven’t read the first book in this series (The Summer of Cotton Candy) but I caught on easily to the dynamics between characters and any other important elements. I’m sure there are things that would have made more sense if I had read the first book, but I don’t seem to have missed much. Christianity is woven into the story neatly; it’s not pushy, but definitely there.

On the more critical side, this is not a book that really holds up for those who don’t usually read YA, but it is something I would have enjoyed reading very much while I was in high school or early college. Some of the conversations, thoughts, and supposed issues felt overly immature and just not that important to me. But, again, I can see them being a big deal to the target audience. Also, I’m not a big fan of Candace and Kurt’s relationship, but it’s not inherently objectionable. Just potentially problematic. I wonder, though, if that might be the author’s intention: not that this relationship is something to strive for, but a realistic portrayal of the complicated nature of relationships. 

The Verdict

I recommended this book to YA readers looking for a fun adventure with a Christian backdrop. I would read the other books in the series in the season they correspond to if I happened across them, but it’s not terribly likely that I will specifically seek them out. The Fall of Candy Corn is fun, its pacing is fantastic, and the characters are solid. Four stars from me. 

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Do you know of any fun Halloween-themed books, Readers?*

*By “fun” I mean not creepy, gore-y, or scary. Okay, that probably doesn’t exist, does it? No wonder I usually avoid all things Halloween. (There are actually a bunch of reasons. But I won’t go into that here.)

Have a good weekend!

Until the next chapter,


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