Unraveled Wednesday // October 21, 2020

Hello, Readers! My knitting has become more prolific again, so I’m joining with other knitters for Unraveled Wednesday.

Unraveled Wednesday is a linkup hosted by As Kat Knits highlighting current projects, books we’re reading, and relevant yarn industry news/info/discussions.


Early in October I suddenly realized that two of my friends were pregnant, and I hadn’t started knitting anything for them! Of course I have known for months that they are expecting; somehow it just never clicked that this meant I should be doing something. Off I went to Hobby Lobby, and I got the softest, prettiest yarn. It’s a middle green, close to hunter but not quite that dark, with random bits of other colors thrown in. It is so fun and, I think, perfect for a baby blanket! I only got enough for one project, but I know exactly what I intend to get next time, too. Luckily, a few months ago I made a carseat blanket for another friend and loved the pattern, so it wasn’t a challenge to figure out what I needed and get started. I think I’m about halfway through now, and the baby shower for this friend is Saturday, so I’ve definitely got my work cut out! I think I will make it work though. I may be getting up early the day of the shower to finish it up though.


44150974. sy475 During my commute I’m listening to Legacy, the eighth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger. The character development leaves a bit of room for improvement (I’m sure I’ll talk about more specifically once I finish the book), but man are the stakes high in this one. Throughout the series we’ve gone from there being a threat to Sophie, to her immediate sphere, to her extended family, and now…basically the world? It’s a lot, that’s for sure. 


27310594For school I’m working through The New Librarianship Field Guide by David Lankes. I’m pretty close to finishing it. This has been an interesting book, but I don’t think I would have finished it if it were not for a class. It’s the kind of interesting that I’m sure I am learning from it and I’m glad afterward for the knowledge, but I struggle to pay attention while reading it. 


18118316Whenever I have a few spare minutes (which is fairly rare at the moment) I’m reading Murder Simply Brewed by Vanetta Chapman. This book is the perfect thing to reintroduce myself to the mystery genre; the setting is pastoral, the characters are easy to empathize with, and I truly have no idea how the mystery is going to work out. Yet, it’s very clean for a mystery; so far there has been no on-screen violence, gore, or general ickiness. There is a healthy side of romance, which, although so far entirely chaste, I have mostly skipped over. That aspect just doesn’t interest me and adds very little to the story overall, but it also is not offensive. 

Are you working on any cozy projects this week, Readers?

Until the next chapter,


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