Spotlight: Five Fall Favorites Blog Party

Hey Readers! This post is going to be pretty different from my usual posts. Rather than highlighting a book or the books that I am reading, today I want to tell you about the Five Fall Favorites Blog Party!

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Five Fall Favorites is an annual blog hop hosted at Read Another Page. I stumbled across it a few years ago (I think it was 2018?), and I have looked forward to it each year since! The foundation of this blog hop is sharing books that you love – and they don’t have to be new, or by a certain publisher, or anything like that. A theme is assigned to each day, and the participants share their 5 favorite books on that theme. This year’s party started out so strong with Monday’s theme being “Vintage Books” (aka some of my most cherished) and Tuesday being “Epistolary Fiction.” The participants have already shown themselves to be creative, enthusiastic, and having great taste in books! I love going to each of the “rooms” (blogs) and seeing what they have to say. Somehow, all of the posts work together so well that I truly feel like I am wandering through a whimsical Literary Lodge and listening to people talk about their favorite books! 

I am not formally a participant in Five Fall Favorites, but I was inspired to share my own Top Five book list. I’m bending the rules a little though. In honor of Five Fall Favorites, there will be five books total, but there is not a single thread linking these books other than the fact that I enjoy them and they were somehow inspired by this post.

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My Favorite Vintage Novel

1995227. sy475 Birds of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter

I need to re-read this book. I rushed through it one evening while looking through a box of books my grandma passed down to my mom, but I absolutely loved it! GSP’s use of bird calls within her writing is genius. Her stories always draw me in!


My Childhood Fall Go-To


Meet Molly by Valerie Tripp (Molly: An American Girl #1)

Like many of my classmates, I loved the American Girls books growing up, and Molly was by far my favorite character! Her ingenuity and spunk were inspirational to my relatively timid self, and the stories were always fun despite the historical context. Plus, the first book is set around Halloween, so it’s perfect for this time of year! 


My Current Autumn Go-To

21853633First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen (Waverly Family #2)

It was just like fate when I won a copy of First Frost in a giveaway the year it was published. This book is the epitome of magical realism, and this author is the standard that I hold all others up to when they claim to write the same type of books! The story, while it contains emotionally difficult pieces and allusions to content which more sensitive readers may want to avoid, is beautiful, heartwarming, and delectably autumnal. Someday, when I have a house with a yard and trees of my own, I will have a first frost party.


2020 October Book Club Selection

8130077. sy475 The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis 

I currently have a bit of a complicated relationship with Lewis’ books. However, this is one that I have long been intrigued with. When I mentioned it to a friend, she suggested we (plus another friend) start our own book club and read this as our first pick. Of course, I loved the idea! And if you’re going to read a book about two demons writing one another letters, what better time of year than October? I’m not very far in yet, but so far it is much less creepy than I anticipated. It’s not devoid of creepiness, just not as saturated as I expected. We’ll see how the rest goes!


My Favorite Feel-Good Story (for escaping from the creepy Halloween atmosphere back into one of cozy, comforting fall)

40658074. sy475 Dance with Me by A.M. Heath (Art of Love #1)

This fun book danced into my life last year (you can see my review here). It’s not entirely lighthearted, but the message is empowering and heartwarming. It is a wonderful escape from the ick and horror that can sneak into this month.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this random little post! For lots more (much more congruous) Top Five book lists, check out the Five Fall Favorites party! It goes through this Saturday, October 10, and on top of all the other fun things I’ve already mentioned, there is also a giveaway for a few books and a cute tote bag. 


Happy Fall and Happy Reading, Readers!

Until the next chapter,


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