October 2020 TBR & Goals

🍂🍂My favorite time of the year is here! Spring and summer are fine, but fall and winter are so much more my preferred type of weather and overall atmosphere. This month school is kicking into a higher gear, with multiple major projects due. It’s also time to enroll in next semester, which is hard to believe since this semester just started! Every time I look over the course catalog I’m excited about what I get to study though, so it’s fun.

I’m not setting large goals for this month so that I can more easily focus on school. I am setting higher expectations than I did for September though. Reaching the end of September and realizing I hadn’t finished any books, not even the carry-overs from August, was a bit jarring. It’s not devastating, but also not what I would like to see from myself. So, here’s hoping October contains just enough adjustments to accomplish more of the things I set out to do.

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October/Autumn TBR

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  • The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
    • Atmospheric and somewhat creepy, The Screwtape Letters is a classic I’ve always wanted to read “sometime…just not right now.” I’ve been on a break from C.S. Lewis, and I think I’m ready to read him again. 
    • Also, this is the book my new book club is reading this month.

  • 18118316Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman
    • In contrast to The Screwtape Letters, I expect this book to be pretty light (at least, for a murder mystery). Cozy mysteries aren’t always my thing, but coffee + biblical aspect + Hallmark-sounding plot = something that I want to try out!

October Goals

  • Follow along with the Five Fall Favorites blog party October 5-10
  • Post at least twice a week
  • Keep up with school
    • Complete all the major projects that are due this month
  • Do something fun with my nephews at the end of the month
  • Send out at least one “happy mail” to a friend or relative per week
  • Manage the library system-wide pumpkin decorating contest (this event goes well into November so this won’t be completed by my October wrap-up)
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Not a lot going on this month here on the blog! There is so much going on with school though: group projects, multimedia presentations, and tons of reading and discussion posts, just to name a few of the most time-consuming components. I’m enjoying almost all of it, but it is certainly a lot!

Do you have plans for October?

Until the next chapter,


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