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Happy Tuesday and Happy Fall, Readers!! 

The high today is supposed to be 70 degrees, there is a 100% chance of rain, and I am thrilled! This is perfect beginning-of-fall weather. I am so happy to have made it through the heat of summer and be into a season that feels kinder to me. To celebrate the beginning of fall, today I’m doing the Fall Favorites Tag. 

I found this tag on Bookcheshirecat while searching specifically for fall-themed tags. I tried to follow back through the who-tagged-who to find the original creator, but I hit a dead end, so if you know where it originated, please let me know so I can tag the creator! 

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What is your favorite thing about Fall?

medium-coated brown lying on leaves

Image from Unsplash

I usually say it’s the fact that there are fewer bugs around, but there are so many things I love about fall! The weather is gentler than summer, and I enjoy watching the fog roll through the low areas during my drive to work. Plus, I just enjoy the colorful leaves and spicy scents that dominate the general aesthetic.


What is your favorite Fall candle scent?

So this changed this year. Previously, it would have been Bath & Body’s Pecan Waffles or Bonfire, but this year, an acquaintance of mine recently started making candles by hand, and I am in LOVE with the scents she chose! My favorite so far is Cranberry Spice, although I also have one that is a wonderful Pumpkin. 


(If you’re in the OKC area and interested, I can dfinitely get you in touch!)


What is your favorite Fall drink?

How about a nice cup of coffee and a couple of cookies? Go ahead and REWARD  yourself with one of nature's finest gifts. | Snoopy pictures, Snoopy love,  Snoopy

Every variation of Chai. Last year my favorite local coffee shop offered a drink called The Charlie Brown Chai, basically chai + turmeric, and it instantly became one of my favorites. I’m also a fan of pumpkin spice chai, dirty chai, and basically any other chai. At the moment I’m still getting all of these iced, but once the temperatures really cool down, I’ll switch to getting them hot.


What’s your favorite trend for Fall?


Is not getting burned by the sun every time I step outside a trend? No? Okay, then maybe layers, like cardigans and thick leggings and scarves. Or pumpkin everything. I’m a big fan of all things pumpkin!


Ankle Boots or Knee-high Boots?

I like both! It really depends on the outfit and what I’m going to be doing. 


Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?

close up of tasty looking baked goods

Both??? In the end, I think I would choose pumpkin more often than apple, but I truly do like both very much.


Do you go pumpkin picking every year as a tradition?

photo of field full of pumpkins

Does anyone actually have time for this? Like, every year? I mean, at some point I usually end up purchasing a pumpkin, but it’s usually from the store, not from actually going someplace. Seriously, who has time for that?


Have you ever carved a pumpkin?

Ever? Yes, but it’s been a long time. 


What’s your favorite color for Fall?

Ooh, this is a great question! Maroon, mustard, burnt orange…there are so many great fall-aesthetic-type colors! I’ll go with a dark red with just a hint of purple, like the color of my menu bar (although bright orange deserves an honorable mention, too).


Number one must have to get you through Fall?

I’m not sure I really understand what this one is getting at; it feels like it’s missing a word. Number one what to get through fall? 

Maybe I’ll just go with chai again? Or, in a completely different direction, optimism. I hear a lot of people generally being anxious and pessimistic this time of year (and I totally understand why), but it’s not worth it. At least, not all the time. Smell the coffee, watch the sun rise, and remember that in the end everything will be okay. 

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I hope you don’t mind that this really isn’t very bookish, Readers. Fingers crossed that I will have time to do a fall-themed book tag soon, too. Until then, enjoy the crunchy leaves and pumpkin-spice-infused air!


Until the next chapter,



Note: Header image and first in-post image are from Unsplash. The candle picture is by me. The Snoopy picture is from Google, and the rest are from Pexels. 

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  1. So happy to see you doing this Tag! I also love fall because the sun isn’t burning my face and I can finally wear all the scarves, sweaters, and coats again 🥰 I also love eating all the typical fall food and pumpkins are such a classic for the season 🎃

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